Jesus Angel.
These are my works..., for the time being. The book of the Year.
My Spanish works En Esperanto.

My works:

This is my production in English so far. At the moment I am translating all my other works into English and Esperanto from Spanish. Those links which are missing are not yet available, though I hope they will be so some day.

a) Already published:

  1. The Year I was a Woman. An old man becomes a young woman. This is my first long short story written originally in English. I hope you like it. Already published by The Dream Ghost Editions on paper and digitally by Amazon.
  2. Two Tales: The Misfortunes of Don Juan and Jack Daniels' Strange Death in a single volume at The Fanthom Collection by The Dream Ghost Editions on paper and digitally on the concerning previous links. The former presents the myth of Don Juan revisited, and the latter how cruelly unemployment can determine your life..., or death.
  3. The Baby Scare: Same as previous. Can an unborn baby ruin your life?
  4. The Psychologist: Same as previous. Ricky's troubles with women seem unbearable...
  5. Grandpa & I: A special relationship between a man and his grandson is widspread all over the book.
  6. The Federation: A lonely individual sees people come down from the sky and wonders how to make friends with them. Written originally in Esperanto, it is already published in Spanish and English, too. It is the first book of the year 2019.
  7. Oumou, the Ebony Hetaera: A run away girl gets her place in life after she arrives in a new continent, a new country, a new family, and completely unroots herself. It is an acid social criticism on her original and definitive societies, which essentially are the same and unique, but only the degree of development makes them different, as the core of them is the same: man, woman and their limitations. It is the second book in a trilogy called The Old Trade, the first book of which will be translated soon, The Johnny, whereas the third book, The Happy Pimp, is still being written. It is also the second Book of the year 2019.
  8. A Children’s Tale, or The Soldier and the Witch. In two parts: one for children and the other for adults. I wrote this tale to celebrate the International Infant Book on the 2nd of April 2012. I versioned it into Spanish and Esperanto.
  9. The Singer's Complaint: written in English originally, there is no Spanish version: The soul of a singer tells his story and the wrong things his band colleagues do after he's dead. This is the first work in my English period.
  10. Amen: an old man dies and tells us what he finds after that.
  11. The Chronist, or Masters of Time: this was published as The book of the year since October 2016 till September 2017, and then left for free reading till the end of 2017. On January 1st that section will resume its title asThe Book of he month. Synopsis:  A retired school teacher decides to drive around the world. When he is in Chennai, India, he meets a most peculiar girl: a time traveler who explains her world to him. For over 400 pages you will share Indalecio and Vanessa's adventures in the past and in the future, till you finally witness the transgression of matter, which gives name to the trilogy: Transgression, of which this book is the first volume, followed by Tricrony and The Outlanded, which will eventually appear also in English for your leisure.
  12. The Island (July 5th 2022): thirteen people arrive into a far off island in the Pacific Ocean after their ship wrecks, and they must learn to live alone, forgotten by the rest of the world. A forgotten girl joins them later.
  13. The Seven Deadly Sins: a short story per sin according to Middle Ages Scholar Thomas de Aquino.
    Only the linked ones are published: 
    1. Pride.
    2. Glutony.
    3. Greed.
    4. Lust: Mathew meets Laura, a most strange, striking girl. Later he meets her again, when Sally is expecting his child.
    5. Sloth: lazy people can really spoil everything. Here Judge Robles  sees his life ruined because he was too lazy to understand what he was doing.  
    6. Envy.
    7. Wrath.
  14. The Psychologist: the hero meets a strange girl nobody else can see under a tree, in the park. Thinking he's gone mad, he visits a most peculiar Psychologist. Already finished, it was published in Amazon on Februrary, 9th 2015.
  15. The Book of Angels Chronicles and Demons Anecdotes: originally worked in Spanish El libro de las crónicas angélicas y las anécdotas diabólicas) my translation has been around for a few weeks now, and can be read for free till January 1st 2019, but you will always be able to get it from Amazon for a small price. In all there will be 21 tales of my own except Elvis' Ballad, by Jack Crane; The Bet, by Gema Gimeno Giménez; and Stairway to Eden, by Anne Lake. I may add a few tales more in future, but those who already bought the book will receive the updates for free, if you bought it from Amazon.
  16. The Taliban's Sin, or The Sad Life of Abdul Saleh: when someone takes his religion to the letter this is what can happen to him.
  17. When Martians Conquered Earth: A man wakes up in a world where aliens conquered the whole planet. An original story with three different ends. It is the Book of the Year 2020.

e) Still being written (or translated):

  1. Officer and Dancer: What can be common to a Nazi SS leutenant and a tantric dancer? This book will take you along the lives of two such different people will you will understand at the end. VegamediaPress Editions. Meanwhile you can read it in Spanish, if you can.
  2. The Happy Pimp. Tim was born in the trade, as his mother and sister are hetaeras.  He tells us about his life as a protector of his girls, in a special way. Probably you'll get a new vision on this so called sordid world after you read this third and last volume on The Old Trade trilogy, which is still being written.
  3. Queen Elba's Ballad: a uchronia on the discovery of Europe around ten thousand years ago.
  4. Agent Bélmez' Misadventures: a most peculiar police officer takes himself to where none of them was before.
  5. I think so: sayings, proverbs, sentences I infer out of what I see, listen, read.
  6. The Wife Dealer / La edzinovendisto / El tratante de esposas: He takes them, teaches them, marries them. 
  7. Mathew's Will: a man is finally understood by his family when they read his diary.
  8. The Holy Cow: a new perspective of things, from a four-legged thinker.

    I want to thank my readers for all these works, as they are really my inspiration and the aim I have when writing all these stories: to be read.