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Jack Daniels' Strange Cover.Jesuo Anĝelo.

Jack Daniels' Strange Death.

Jack Daniels has lived the whole of his life with mom, but when he's about forty she dies of old age. He could not earn his living, so he stays unemployed, living on mom's money. But then someone wonders how old she can be..., and real problem starts for poor Jack.

This is a short story, and we present you page 6th out of 16:


Two days later he got a letter from the War Ministry giving him three months to give them back the £100,800 he owed them, at the end of which time he'd be reported to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution so that he was forced to pay or else be imprisoned.

The point was that he had no money either his or her mom's, so he started thinking committing suicide. How would he do it? Would he hang himself? Should he jump into the water from a ship, or from a bridge? Should he just get run over by a car by jumping on its path? He was thinking of it for several days, till he got used to the idea he must kill himself, and that was definite. Then he wrote a farewell letter and sent it to all his friends and to the police.

And then he disappeared.

When the police tried to evict him from his house, they only found his letter To whom it may concern. It was a long document in which he wrote the story of his life and told why he decided to commit suicide, not blaming anyone for his death, except the Army and their greed for money. Of course, there was no corpse there or anywhere else. He was looked for all over the country, but not knowing if he was dead or alive, they could not find him.

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