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The Misadventures of Don Juan

Don Juan's Adventures in two continents. What would you do if women would not let you in peace? What if they were a danger for you?

Have a look at our our hero's troubles before you decide if you buy my book..., or such a life like his!

It is not exactly Zorrilla's, Da Ponte and Mozart's or Byron's Don Juan, though the story has a similar background even if it is located nowadays.

  1. Introduction.
  2. The hero.
  3. Elvira, my love.
  4. Death toll.
  5. The
  6. Merry Wife.
  7. Restraining order.
  8. Changing airs.
  9. A place in New England.
  10. The big word.
  11. Pending tasks.

Already published  in Amazon, it is also on paper at The Fanthom Collection in Dreams Ghost Editions.


The Merry Wife.

After the trial Shirley and Don Juan met again for a coffee, but they did not become lovers because she was getting married two days later. She invited him to her wedding, though. And there he was, wishing her and her husband never ending happiness, Mario. However, after the wedding, the bride danced with Don Juan right after dancing with her new husband, and he became jealous of the man his wife talked so much about. Shirley was in love with her husband, but she was also fascinated by Don Juan. When she was dancing with him, her husband did not keep his jealous eyes away from them, ad he was really upset, so much that Don Juan brought her to him right after the one piece they danced:

«Your wife, Sir», he said. Mario mumbled a Thank you and then Don Juan saw it best to go home. That caused the first argument between the newly weds.

She told him that Don Juan was not important to her. What mattered a lot to her was that he was jealous. She was not going to put up with his jealousy, so unless he did not stop questioning her, she’d go to sleep at her parents’ that night and would not go back to him. They had their wedding night all right, but it did not escape to her how annoyed her husband was with Don Juan.

The next day they would start their honeymoon trip, but before that she told him she had something to do which would not stand any questioning about. He was really surprised, but he remembered her previous day’s words, so he said he trusted her all right.

But what she had to do was to apologize to Don Juan. She knew his phone number from the trial over Anna’s father’s death, so she phoned him and they agreed to see each other in a discreet place.

«I’m very sorry at my husband’s behavior, Don. I told him already that if he goes on like this, I’ll leave him even before we are married for a few days».

«Oh, don’t, dear. I’d not like to be the cause of your divorce».

«You are not, Don Juan, but my husband’s jealousy».

«Oh, well, I don’t know what to say. I understand jealousy can be a serious illness».

«Of course it can. I wish I’d met you before, Don».

«What? Why do you say that, Shirley?»

«I’d like to know you better…»

«Well, remember you’ve just got married and are starting your honeymoon trip within a few hours».

«Yes. I’d like to take a souvenir from you, even so», she said taking him by his hand. He was very surprised to do anything, so he let her guide him. She led him into a ladies’ restroom and entered one of the toilet little rooms without releasing his hand, and once inside she locked it. These places are designed for only one person, so they were very close together, and so as to gain some extra space she put the toilet lid down and stood on it. Then she undressed totally in front of a puzzled Don Juan, and opened her arms and said:

«Take me, Don, please. I’m yours now».

He said nothing; in fact he could think of nothing to say. He considered the idea of turning round and running away, but then he thought that would hurt Shirley’s feelings a lot. That’s why he let himself go off. He hugged her waist and sank his face between her breasts. She hugged him with her legs and clang around him. She skid along his body till she was kneeling in front of him and did something a married lady is not supposed to do. After that she made love to him, even if he could make only sex. For a few minutes they had sexual intercourse, till she came and a few seconds later he also came and discharged fully inside her. After that he helped her get dressed and accompanied her as far as a couple of streets  away from her hotel.

On the way he said:

«I still do not understand what has just happened».

«I told you, Don.  I wanted a souvenir from you».

«A kid?»


«But perhaps your husband made it to you last night».

She smiled while saying: «Maybe. Or this morning. Or you’ve just made it. I don’t know. All I know is that the kid will be mine».

«Ok. It will be your husband’s, anyway. I mean, officially».

«That I don’t know. What you’ve just helped me do is assert my freedom, dear. I’ll be with my husband only while I want. And this morning I did not want. Having sex with you was great, Don. It will help me be this fifteen days away from here by just thinking of these magical minutes».

«Enchanté, madame», Don Juan said bowing slightly. «Don Juan always at your service».

«I’ll take that as a promise, Don. The minute I’m back from Turkey I’ll phone you».

Then he considered it prudent to see her away, and kissing her hand he wished her a nice honeymoon trip and marriage. Then he came back home.

However, Mario had followed her wife, and even if he lost her, he saw her coming back to the hotel talking to Don Juan, and the way he kissed her hand. He was not happy about it, but he did not dare ask her where she came from. Also, there was nothing wrong in a gentleman kissing his wife’s hand, as a sign of respect. In the bottom of his heart, he was flattered by that, thinking Yes, you kiss her hand, but the one going to bed with her is me!

He pretended he came from the hotel cafeteria, and as soon as he saw his wife, he asked: «Did you do your business satisfactorily?»

«Yes, darling, very much», she said disappearing into the bathroom. «After a shower I’ll be with you, dear».

He tried to enter the shower room, but she had locked the door.

Five minutes later she came out rolled in a towel. She had heard the noise he had done at the door, but pretended she didn’t.

«Why did you lock the door?»

«Oh, sorry, darling. Did you need the toilet? It is a habit in me, out of modesty. I am sorry…, there should be no modesty between us, husband and wife, I understand. I promise I’ll try to remember. If I lock it from you, please tell me».

«Remember what?»

«Not to lock myself in. My husband has the right to access my body at all times», she said letting her towel drop to the floor and standing totally nude in front of him, with a smiling, inviting face.

Nobody could think she had been having sex with another man just an hour before. Mario did not know that, of course, but even if he suspected it, he took her there, standing up, without bothering to go to the nearby bed. It was the first time in his life he did it like that, and her second one. He once heard her say that only animals have sex standing up, instead of lying on a bed, but he was so mad for this beautiful brunette with so long hair, that he simply could not wait to get to bed, and now he knew she felt the same. As they were having this wonderful sex, he promised to himself he would not let his jealousy spoil his relationship with his wife, his wonderful, private goddess.

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