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Since 2016 I publish one of my books in this web, in my three languages, English, Spanish and Esperanto.

At first it was The Book of the Month, but then I understood that the work of translating was harder and longer than I thought, so I changed my mind not to keep readers waiting too much, so now it is only one book I share with you every year, which I translate little by little. However,  in 2019 I shared two two books because the first one, The Federation, is really short, and I finished uploading it fully in February, so I started uploading another one, and in August you could also read the whole of  Oumou, the Ebony Heatera, which is the second volume in my trilogy The Old Trade, which was here for free reading till the end of 2019.

You can read the book for free since January 1st till December 31st. I take my time to upload it little by little along the year, and then correct mistakes, which gentle readers point out to me. After the end of the year you can still read it in Amazon.

Till now we have read eleven of my books, which. I hope you enjoy.

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This book was suggested by The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. After reading that master piece, I asked myself: what would have happened if the Martians had won that war? Would we have disappeared? Perhaps not. This book answers this question in two different ways. I hope you enjoy the reading, in spite of the somehow pessimistic background...

When Martians Conquered Earth,
by Jesus Angel


This is the index: Esperanto Español

    First part:
    1. The capture.
    2. Heart of veal.
    3. Eros & Thanatos.
    4. Delicatessen.
    5. Stallion?
    6. Unconditional surrender.
    7. The war to end all wars.
    8. The banquet.
    9. A new life for human kind.
    10. Show business.
    11. An opportunist Martian.
    12. The price of slavery.
    13. Sad-eyed blondie.
    14. Epilogue (or The 1st End).
    1. On parole.
    2. A peculiar visit.
    3. Shask's death.
    4. The 2nd End.
    5. Soft dawn.
    6. The 3rd End.
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Presentation. Esperanto Español

The book in your hands, reader, is a fantasy, maybe a fable, on human kind regarded as an animal species, no more, no less. The described scenes can be nasty to your taste, or at least may impact you. That's why I strongly recommend this reading only for people over thirty years old who have a solid moral and scientific condition, as otherwise they may not understand the allegoric sense of this tale, and they can be offended by the events presented in the following text.

As in my other, longer book on this topic (The Redemption of Ecolgenia, yet to be transated into English), in this book the starting point of view is the humans are no longer Kings of Creation, as creation or Celestial Monarchy are not regarded, but we follow a totally darwinian standpoint, and we do not know, as well as in the cited work, who are the goodies or baddies in the war of humans against a superior species. Unlike in that book, however, this is not an optimistic chant over our future, but it is a good point to ponder on what we are doing with our planet, and how it can backfire at us..., or at those, who will take charge of both, the planet and fauna in it.

This book has three endings. The reader choose desired one. The first one is the 14th chapter, Epilogue. The other is the last one, which you reach by leaping from chapter 13th to 15th.

Once this was said, gentle reader, I wish you a nice reading.

1 The capture. Esperanto Español

The man saw, toneless, what was happening in front of him. A little green man was breaking his car from above. He was using a metal tool to break the windscreen completely while he could do nothing, but stare it all, as a fool. The little green man pulled a lever and he fell upwards, all of a sudden, against the car ceiling. He understood nothing. The green man pulled him out of the car and lay him on the ground. There two white little men kept him and enclosed him in a white box. Soon they started moving the box and make a lot of noise while he heard those aliens howl in a language he could not recognise. He was so awed that he could do nothing, for so horrified he was. Were they cooking him in that sort of huge microwave? Would he ever see his family again? Where was his wife? Did those canibals get her, too? He had never, never, felt so much fear.

Suddenly the howling box opened and two masked individuals brought him out of it and tied him to a wheeled bed and took him fast to a cold and dark place, where there were more little green men, masked and wearing glasses, or maybe space suits. They pinched him with strange tools and made some strange moves on him while they told him words he could not understand. Then his head started aching a lot and lost consciousness while he was thinking: “They are killing me…, I am dying”.

When came back to his senses, he had a hose inside his nose, and they were injecting something liquid into his arm, and that hurt a lot. He was lying on a cold place, naked in front of a lot of people he did not know and who were talking a jargon he could not understand. He tried to speak but a beautiful blondie with a very scared look took his hand and gestured him to be quiet. Who was that sad woman? Was she going to be eaten before him? She said nothing, but she had been crying.

When he closed his eyes, he felt a little better. What were those bastards doing? Were they fattening him like pigs or ducks were made fattened to make paté with his liver or ham with his thighs later? Who would eat his testicles?

2 Heart of veal. Esperanto Español

He was surprised to feel excited at the thought they’d eat his testicles. Who would have them in their mouths? Would it be a male or a female Martian? Would they cook them first? Or would they rather eat them raw? Would they cut them alive, or would they kill him first? Perhaps they’d eat his testicles without cutting them off first? He understood nothing, but the mere thought excited him. That they would eat his body in mouthfuls excited him, too. Now he understood, at last, what was felt by those veals and cows he had seen in that visit to a meat farm several years back. Those horned beings looked at him in indifference, without paying attention to what shocked him so much: the view of one foot of every animal nailed to the ground. They’d be unnailed, according to the guide, only to take them to the slaughter house. Poor little things. What crime did they commit by being born so that after a mediocre life, not seeing the Sun a single day, they were sentenced to death and instead of a decent burial, they’d be eaten by people from other species who would leave not even their bones, which at best would end up in the littler box, and at worst they’d end up as dog shit? Dog, that inferior being which the Martians probably would not eat because they were so similar to them.

But he, representing the superior species in the planet, had been undressed and holed in a spot through which they were injecting something day and night.

Often he lost the time notion…, he guessed they made him unconscious so that he could not rebel or do something against the plans of that race of green and white little men in masks who hid their faces behind a sort of diving suits, or huge glasses and stupid hats. But they had nothing to fear from him: a naked man nailed in several parts of his body was no danger to those aliens. It would be very different if he weren’t drugged and had a tommy gun in his hands. Like the ones he used in the army when he was young, when in the compulsory army service.

3 Eros & Thanatos. Esperanto Español

Why were they pouring those fluids into his body? Could they give his flesh a better flavor? The thought another living being was going to eat him provoked an erection to him. He was feeling fine. He had never thought that, and if he had, he would have felt disgust and sickness, but then he realized every day many people died in the planet, in wars or because of any other kind of violence, hunger and also by accident and from illness, even old age. And all those bodies were burnt or let rot under the ground, according to local uses, what was a great waste of food in a world where so many starved to death. Except for those dead from illness, the others could contribute with their body materials to the feeding needs of other living beings, even if they belonged to other species. That thought had been horrible till then, because the human being was the one at the top of the food chain: we ate other animals, but none ate us, and that made us the most useless species of all, as our organism was lost into cinder or dust. These thoughts no longer caused disgust to him, but a sort of morbid pleasure, even sexual arousal. Masochism? Possibly. But since he knew he was no longer free or independent, his concept of life had changed a lot. Since the ghost of death was present in his life, it looked like his sexual desire had taken over of his soul: Eros and Thanatos, the gods of sexuality and death, had mastered his inner side in the same degree, as if the former adviced him to do something to vanquish the latter by means of his offspring, though in that little box there was nobody but he and a female Martian who often visited him. He thought it was a female because her voice was flute-like, more so than the voices of the other Martians who were there, because she was smaller and because it seemed to him that she smiled at him from time to time.

He was pondering like that when a little white alien came into the box were he was caged and put the cloth off him and started washing him. He thought it was the Martian he knew, though he was not sure because he could not tell one from the others yet. When she saw his erection, she looked around, and feeling she was alone with him, she rubbed his male thing with a special tool till she extracted a large sample of semen. In fact she captured the whole of his ejaculation, and then she kept pressing on till he lost consciousness again.

4 Fine foodstuff. Esperanto Español

When he recovered consciousness, he was clean and dry. He felt fine, plenty. It was worthwhile being out of consciousness. Perhaps that Martian, or whatever she was, would find him interesting enough to keep him as a pet. What should she do to get him? Should she have to buy him from his captor, that green little man who had got him out of his car after breaking it in such an unceremonious way?

He realized that before she went away, the Martian had pushed a plastic pipe into the center of his manhood, and another one, a wider one, on the low end of his digestive track. Now he was drilled in four places: his anus, his penis, an arm and his nose, as at every one of those places a pipe entered his body. No, the aliens wanted his meat, and they were getting it ready so that it would be first quality. He felt really flattered. They also might consume his blood. Would he suffer the same fate as crocodiles in the man's world? Would female Martians show handbags made with his skin? Or shoes? He could imagine his body remaining after himself in the shape of bone flutes, pearls made with the marble in his teeth carved and mounted into ornaments for aliens, his fried blood savored by exquisite palates of the new dominant species in the planet, sausages made with his less stable parts, his cartilages fried and his nails perhaps turned into plectrums to strum various musical instruments, or even scratch the alien skin, or maybe to make dildos for those female Martians who have already tasted his erection. He remembered how much he liked bird meat, specially gizzard, even more the anus area, since it had muscles which were much harder than normal, and therefore they challenged his teeth. Now he wondered whether the Martians would devour his. He imagined them eating his anus, or the rest of his guts, once clean and sanitized, as they used to do with tripes, which he had always loved to eat.

5 Stallion? Esperanto Español

But the alien might have reported her superiors the prisoner was ready for breeding and was to be used to fecundate females in his species in a meat farm. Yes, he had always been very prolific in the production of semen. Once he had a seminal analysis which revealed he was much more fertile than the average male in his species. With only one drop he could inseminate several women, though he wished his semen would not be extracted by means of mechanical devices to be injected to females later dissolved into water, but he would be forced to cover them in the natural way. That’s the way for them to be more fertile. But as he was only a tamed species, they would make him do whatever they wanted, and not what he’d like.

6 Unconditional surrender. Esperanto Español

He discovered that this thought excited him. All of his life he had been competitive, always working, looking for the best way to earn the money to feed his family and the children who’d still come along, he had been blocked by the fear to unemployment, not to cover the feeding needs of those depending on him, always stressed and doing things which disgusted his conscience, like being aggressive to other people, deceiving them, lying, blackmailing, forcing others to do things they did not want to, because everything was good not to lose his job. Now he felt those beings from another planet, perhaps another galaxy, were going to take care of him. They were feeding him, they were extracting from him what he no longer needed, they were making him fatter and they did not dress him because animals are not dressed. Probably his life was spared to entertain them or just to be used as a pet for one of those superior beings who felt lonely, like so many humans had felt when they were the dominant species in the planet. Humans sometimes adopted a turkey or a rabbit as a pet, and in such a case they did not eat them at Christmas or in a paella.

7 The war to end all wars. Esperanto Español

Christmas… Now, when man is no longer the dominant species there will be Christmas never again. There’ll be no more Christmas, Magician Kings, Father Christmas, compulsory education, countries and cultures, and also wars. It was fine: he liked the idea: human being is so destructive that for war to be ended humanity had to be done with, at least as the dominant species in the planet. Now Earth belonged to beings who had given men so many explanations as they had given earlier to hens or silk worms. He had not paid much attention at the way those aliens were, because he had been sedated for days, without paying any attention to him, he thought. The same attention he had paid to silk worms when, as a child, his parents let him have them in a cardboard box. He brought them mulberry leaves for them to eat every day. Till one day he could not find them and gave them ficus leaves instead. He put them in the silk worm box and sat to watch them. But the worms did not like those leaves and did not eat them, but starved to death, instead.

Will he also die because his master or mistress did not know how to take care of him? That thought tormented him for hours. And then he shrugged his shoulders: he no longer was the owner of his destiny. Now his destiny was controlled by the alien looking after him. He pondered on the idea that nothing ensured that aliens behaved on the same way as humans: is there such a thing as alien money? Well, if it existed, would he, himself, be bought, or would he be auctioned?

Pondering on this, and among dreams, he saw them entering his dwelling, several of those masked beings, in both colours, white and green. They uncovered him again, raising the blanket covering him, and touched him everywhere. One of those creatures put the catheter out of his penis, what made him feel a tickling sensation which caused a new erection in him. He thought they would touch his erection again, but that did not happen. While they were touching his chest with a suction pad, he ejaculated spontaneously. Those beings made an intense noise and locked his organ into a sort of long, curve test tube with which they caught every drop they could. Then they put the tube against the light to see that it had filled 25% of a glass. They summoned his female Martian to clean him and change the cloth on which he lay and then they put the catheter back into him with a lot of difficulty, because his erection was still on. Then they covered him with that rough blanket and went away. They must have injected something on him, because he fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up again there was beside him that sad-eyed blond woman. He was glad to see that they had not eaten her yet. Perhaps they had chosen her for reproduction. How would thouse creatures call human breeding for their tables, restaurants or private fridges, microwaves or other kind of ovens? Supposing that they did not eat humans uncooked, just like humans eat, or ate, oysters… Cattle? The new masters would have cattle or flocks of humans, or wold they breed them in farms like those with cows he had seen years ago?

8 The banquet. Esperanto Español

Again, he imagined himself naked on a table surrounded by four or six of those creatures biting him everywhere, having their favorite dish, human being. Certainly they would be civilized enough to give him some drug to prevent him from feeling any pain, though the cries they would make him utter would be additional to their gastronomic pleasure, or else the drugs would impair his meat flavour… Would his captors be sadistic? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. He was sedated, but that could be because they did not want him to go away, or they might not want him to suffer. So, then, would they let humans grow till mature age like humans did with cows, or would they select a small group of children to eat them, as men had done with veals and piglets?

He was sure they were growing him fatter, and that could have only one explanation: they were keeping him for his own San Martín, or whatever they called the date when pigs were killed to be eaten among all the neighbors and relatives in the same area, who gather together for that purpose. He had abandoned hope already to be put aside for a stallion, because two plentiful samples of his semen had been extracted, and with them they could impregnate twenty female humans if they used the correct doses dissolved in water.

In that moment he envied women. Why was he not a woman? Now he would be impregnated with a phragment of the semen of a John Doe like him and he would not be sacrificed till he did not bear a child. With a little bit of good luck he could produce twins and he could be used to the end of his fertile life, which could be not before his 50’s. Now he was 25, so that would guarantee him other 15 or 25 years more of life. In that time many things could happen, even that humans could control the planet again. Possibly the aliens could die on their own, as it had happened in the novel by that Englishman, Wells. But alas!, he was not a female, but a male. That’s why they’d kill him to eat him, or they’d eat him alive with or without an unaesthetic. And that scared him a lot, and he started to cry. He remembered that in his culture men don’t cry. That was women and children's thing. But now he wanted to be a woman. And to be impregnated. The more times, the better. It would not be a motherhood like up to now, since he understood that he would be only making meat for the tables of the new masters of the planet. But it guaranteed his survival till he lost the ability to give birth. He would be like a cow or a swine. How would they be gathered together? Or would they not be so?

He asked himself also if aliens like human milk, in the same way as humans enjoyed cow milk. Would they find it nutritional, balanced, full with vitamins? He wished. In such a way the females of his species would enjoy survival for a few years more, though he could not remember whether they could keep on producing milk once they reached menopause… Any way, how many liters of milk a female human could produce a day? Some cows could give even sixty liters every day, but a cow weighs five hundred kilograms on the average. If a woman weighs from fifty to eighty kilos and the production is in relation to their weigh, that would give seven or eight liters a day, Probably they would be given a special diet not to stop producing milk for the length of their whole life since their first pregnancy, and they might even produce fifteen to twenty liters a day. Would they be milked by means of mechanical devices, by hand, would they drink directly from their tits, or would they make them milk themselves? Poor little things. That would cause pain in their breasts. Probably they would deform into udders similar to the ones cows have, or something in between. That would make them less attractive, but they would no longer have to compete to be impregnated, since the new masters would make them get pregnant from a stallion, or mechanical devices, as it is done in moder farms, without any mate choosing them, or feeling they the need to promote themselves over other females.

Yes, the future was not bright for females. But it would be better than death, wouldn’t it?

9 A new life for humanity. Esperanto Español

And yet…, what kind of a life was that one? Would they live on the open, in the countryside, or in indoor farms, like cows?

He could not imagine two hundred women together in a closed space, though considering the size difference with cows, in those barns there would be room for over a thousand of them with a foot nailed to the ground so that they could not go away, with a running belt in front of them moving all the time to bring them food and another one behind them to carry out their excrements. If they did not think they were intelligent, they would not give them any cutlery. They could harm one another with them, anyway. Would the food be tasty? Well, that would matter to the aliens so much as it mattered to him whether it was tasty the fodder he gave his dog. He bought it in sacks because it was cheaper, even if he himself tasted it once and found it horrible. Dogs taste is different, they told him. But when he gave him the remaining bones in his family’s food, the dog forgot about the fodder, so it must not be so tasty.

He also did not believe the fodder they gave cows was so tasty, and however that’s what they gave them. It was not the well-being or happiness of the cows what interested humans, so why were these Martians going to care for the well-being and happiness of the human females? Anyway, he’d be willing to exchange places with any one who could bear a child and so he would be of more use than just food for the new masters of the planet. Yes, a thirteen year old woman could, theoretically, give birth, and she could go on like that till she was fifty. That would mean having around 47 children. She could die at childbirth, sure, and in such a case the aliens could eat her whole, but not alive. It depends on how many Martians there are on Earth, and how many humans they wanted to eat. They could be could be a delicacy for just some lucky ones, or a basic dish, like chicken had been for man. There were many questions for our hero, but there, in his cubicle, with no possibility to move, he could do nothing but ponder, think, imagine, and sometimes enjoy some sex. He had learnt to get an orgasm with only the power of his thought, what in his previous life he had considered to be impossible to achieve. But they say that need is the mother of achievement.

10 Show business. Esperanto Español

Old Romans enjoyed bread and shows for free. Man now, specially the male sex, could be the main character in both the new masters’ pantry and fun... Yes, he suddenly thought that if the aliens had competitive instincts or liked to bet, the males could have an opportunity to live a little longer life: competitiveness, sports, or struggle. Surely they would not care who ran faster or further, because that had not prevented them from being captured. But they could put them to box or fight. That idea also excited him suddenly, without knowing why. He had been peaceful throughout his life, but the possibility of fighting for his life excited him even sexually. Would he fight a man, or a woman? What triggered the endorphins now was nothing sexual in itself, touching female flesh, but the proximity of death and the possibility of dodging it even if it was momentarily what triggered the libido: Eros and Thanatos again, they were always united: sex and death. Kill so as not to die, and then the public eating the loser or else he would be auctioned there, as fish was auctioned in the fish market. The wrestlers would not taste as good as the human cattle raised for the casserole, just as brave bulls did not taste as well as veal, but fight lovers would eat it at ease, savoring the nerves, tendon muscles of the beast that once killed some of its congeners, or at least tried, to live or a little more with their masters’ permission.

He imagined his neighbor Rose. Surely she would not be suitable for the good table, because she was very thin, although they might be able to make a good soup or a stew with  her bones. However, she had already born a child before the invasion, so she could find an extension that he would not have if she was chosen to give birth to more meat.

11 An opportunist Martian. Esperanto Español

He was still excited because of that train of thought when the Martian who cleaned and looked after him appeared again. This time she washed him with lukewarm water. That excited him even more, and she remarked immediately. She looked around, searching a recipient to get the sperm, but not finding it and realizing she was alone, she captured his male organ and put it into her mask. It was an automatic gesture, an impulse, without thinking it before. She had just washed it and the sheets were clean, and she did not want to change them again. That's why she slurped his penis with her soft mouth, but so hard that he was surprised. She did not stop till she got the whole of his discharge. And to be sure, she went on still sucking till he, exhausted from the effort, lost consciousness again, or fell asleep.

When he came back to his senses, she was no longer there. He was clean and his member was completely flaccid, though a little spot at the right side of his glans was hurting. A minimal spot. Had he got a injection shot there? That was possible. He thought of figths, death, of naked human females, but his sex was still flaccid. He imagined it was like a lemon sorbet to the Martian, something nice from this prey they had got and which soon would delight the sense of taste for some of her congeners, and maybe that’s why she wanted to taste the delicacy she was taking care of so carefully.

Who was that Martian? Would she already be her owner, or was she just an employee of the house or institution where he was being fattened for the day of his slaughter?

He concentrated on his pain and realized it was not in an exact point, as he had thought earlier, as the supposed medication had not much effect because his male organ was swelling, and the pain was no longer in a point, but in a wider spot which was getting a little bigger and bigger as he was getting excited and it got a bigger size. That Martian bitch had bitten him! Did she carry away in her teeth a part of his manhood? Well, of his maleness… He wanted to touch it to check, but his hands, arms and legs could not obey him. He was only too well tied for that, or else he had been given a drug to prevent him from controlling his limbs. Or, he thought in horror, they had broken one of his vertebrae to prevent his movements. He remembered in some accidents you could result quadriplegic if you got your spine broken. But he made a sensory effort and felt he was whole: no, his spine was not broken. He felt his chest go up and down, in accordance with his breathing. He realized he could control its speed, he even stopped breathing as much as he could for several minutes, till he noticed the impatient pulses of his heart, another muscle he could control, in a way, even if undirectly. Finally he breathed again, but loudly, and soon he heard the voice of that Martian who had bitten him when he was sleeping. He tried to say something, but he could not because of those tubes plugged into his nose and mouth. Soon after she came back into his cubicle and watched him. She said something and uncovered him. She touched his groin and put something on his wound, something which hitched. Then she touched the rest of his genitals and though she did so on the plastic cloth covering his limbs, he felt more excited. She caressed him and looked at him. In spite of his pain, or maybe due to it, his excitation grew. Then that Martian, perhaps moved by pity, or greed, applied her sucking organ again and pulled with a huge force, so much that the pain grew even greater than before, though this time he did not get out of consciousness. He realized all his force went away through his manhood, and when he had no more, he felt she licked softly. She went along the wound with the tip of what would be her tongue and he understood, to his peace, that it was only a scratch. Then she looked at him in a weird way which seemed to him that she was smiling, and she explored his body with that gloved limb which had suckled him up to his neck, patting him in a way he enjoyed and made him purr as a cat of hers. Then she covered him with that raw cloth and told him something in that whistling language aliens use, but very softly. The she tapped on his belly in the way you tap a little dog you love, and she went away.

Now the man started caressing the hope the Martian could keep him as a pet, since it seemed that she liked him. In such a case, why did she keep on fattening him? Though she was only looking after him, really…, well, he did not know that for sure. Whatever his owners did with him was all right to him.

12 The price of slavery. Esperanto Español

His owners. Only a few days ago he’d have hated himself to say those words, and even he’d despise those who'd say them. Has he an owner, he who had fought for all his life to be free, independent, he who had argued with every single one of his bosses and even had quitted more than one job because he did not like to be bossed?

And yet life was so beautiful, it was so good to live that he’d have done whatever to live longer. Yes, he’d do everything his owners suggested for him to go on living. He pictured himself fighting anyone to death to have the possibility to live a little longer. He’d do the most disgusting things just to make his life a little longer. Yes, he’d admit planet Earth was not longer possessed by his race, human, and probably its new owners would call it by a different way. For all of his life he had heard that thing about the price of freedom, the famous slogan Freedom or death! But when the only thing you are offered is death, probably you can buy your life with your freedom. Giving up what you want to do, because what you want most is to be alive. And if to do so you have to stop questioning everything and submit, that is the price you pay to be a slave, and that is the price of your slavery. In case someone wanted it, that is. For the moment he did not know what he was doing there, in that little room. Horses, sometimes are tamed by keeping them enclosed in a very little enclosure and gradually allowing them more freedom, always with a rider on them. Perhaps the aliens’ method was something similar. Or they might be only fattening him up to slaughter and eat him, as he had feared from the beginning.

They hadn’t dressed him because animals are not dressed, they have never been so, and aliens would not be the ones starting doing so. Maybe that female Martian who liked him so much would chest guard him with a woolen piece like the ones some people use on their dog pets in Winter time.

But he could not be that Martian’s little dog because she was smaller than him. He could be her horse. He would take her on his rump, or on his shoulders, wherever she told him to.

He suddenly burst out with laughter: he had already chosen his owner, but it was owners, not pets, the ones who choose. If they used money, the Martian who wanted to possess him would have to buy him, or bid for him. If they did not use money, they, she would have to ask for him or make the rest of them accept her rights on him. She had not captured him: it was that other green Martian he had seen when being pulled out of his car. She would have to make a request to him, or buy from him.

Or she might have done so already. He did not know. Dogs, parrots, cats…, they do not know when they change owners when they are sold or given away: they stop seeing him or her and start seeing their new owner. The new one can keep his or her name or give a new one. Would his new owner give him a necklace with his name on it? Or would it be just a little bell?

On the other hand, horses and mostly livestock are marked with their owner’s name or symbol by fire in a part of their body. Would he be done so? Was that what his owner had done, and that was the reason why it hurt?

But no…, he could not understand why he could not move at all, and however he could feel everything. If he could not move his limbs or neck, why could he feel the Martian’s touch, her caress (even if for her it was just a greedy drink), above all when she caressed his belly and chest? Why he had been so excited?

And so, pondering on these disquisitions, he fell asleep like a baby.

13 Sad-eyed blondie. Esperanto Español

Soon after he woke again he saw the blonde woman with sad, grey eyes again. She looked pregnant. She was wearing a dress with no belt and she caressed her belly, the swelling of which gave no doubt. Yes, she’d live, at least till she bore a child, and there was a good hope her owners got her pregnant again, probably with another male, searching for a more exquisite delicacy for the aliens’ taste. God! Why had he to be born a male? Had he been a female he could live longer…

He was glad for her and smiled at her. She smiled at him, too, she came closer to him and told him something in a language he could not understand, perhaps Swedish, or Russian…, he had never been very good at languages, and every one fo them other than his own one sounded the same to him. Now, under the alien rule, all that will change: there will be no different languages, and in fact nobody would have anything to say. Possibly the rest of human history would be Posthistory, the period of man’s life when there would be no written documents any longer, in the same way as Prehistory had finished when the first document appeared. Because the only ones to write something, he thought, would be the new owners of the planet, who were the only important ones now. Man would be just a second class being, in case the new masters value intelligence, because if they make him compete with any other species, most probably the other one will eat the human being.

The blondie came to him and caressed his face. He liked her touch. She caressed his neck, and coming closer, she kissed him. She kissed him with her tongue. She pulled up the covering and realized he was excited. She came onto the bed and set her legs to either side of him, she put her string aside and took him as a matter of course. With so much moving, he thought it was possible she was not pregnant, but she was just a little fat. He liked the thought he was getting her pregnant now. Probably her owner brought her here for that purpose. He liked thinking that when he was there no more, there would be someone in his place for several years, maybe till the age he or she could make someone pregnant or be pregnant.

When she finished, she got up and went back to her place, after circling his head with her arms and kissing him passionately. He did not know why she had such freedom of movements and he had none. Besides, she was dressed: she was wearing a dress and even underwear, at least a thong, while he was completely naked. Probably her owner looked after her wellbeing, or it was colder outside and she had to go out later. In fact she came from outside. What he did no know was why she had come to see him, if not to get laid with him.

After a while she started talking. Hers was a sweet, singing voice, but it seemed to him she was talking Chinese. God, could those aliens not bring a woman who talked something understandable? She was a little excited, now she looked angry and started crying. At last she got up and out of the cubicle. He would not see her again for a long time

How long had he been there? Many days, probably a month, and he could not see any progress. When would he be allowed to get up? A bit disappointed, he fell asleep.

In his dreams he saw his Martian again. She was striking his chest, and from time to time she kissed him. She pushed a button and the cubicle was soon full with white Martians.

14 Epilogue. Esperanto Español

IMPORTANT REMARK.- In this chapter the story ends. However, there is another version continuing in the next chapter, but this one.

Amparo came to the hospital at three in the morning. She had been called by one of the nurses because the doctor wanted to talk to her urgently.

«Madam», started the doctor, «your husband died this morning, an hour ago. We were doubting whether calling you now or early tomorrow, but we decided you had the right to know it at once. Please, accept my condolences».

«I expected that, doctor. I think it was the best for him, on the circumstances», she said touching her belly. It was a habit she had started since she knew she was pregnant.

«Of course. That traffic accident was very violent. It was strange he did not die then».

«Yes, that policeman so small and sympathetic acted swiftly. If he had not been so quick they both would have died when the car got on fire. Poor thing. His heroic deed could not save my husband».

«But quadriplegic and a deaf ear, in addition to grey matter loss..., we'll never know if he could have talked again, or if he could, he might not have his memories. What we do know is that he had sensations, and reacted to touch, and also he was sexually active. And he had an extraordinary brain activity».

«Yes, my poor one, how hard he wanted to live...»

«Well, madam, I am sorry for your loss, and I must congratulate you for being so whole in so difficult an experience».

«It was the best for him, my poor Álvaro, who may God have with Him. At least he left me a son. I'll call my baby Álvaro, if it is a boy, and if not, I'll call her Mary of Heaven, the same as my mother in law».

Murcia, November 19th 2014
at 02:04 Spanish time.
Translated into English
in Mutcia on April 18th 2020
at 20:10 ST.

Remark.- In Spain highway policemen dress in green.

SECOND PART. Esperanto Español


      1. If you keep on reading, forget the Epilogue.
      2. Also notice that the rest of the story may offend your personal taste. Beware, if you decide to go on from here.

15 On parole. Esperanto Español

At last his Martian woke him up by a gentle slap on his cheek, she washed him slowly, shaved him, undid his bondage and raised him from bed. He was a bit dizzy, and found the floor was nearer than he had foreseen. Now he understood why he could not understand the words from whose who came into his cubicle: they were not talking to him. But now she did talk to him, and with exact movements and short sounds she made him kneel, and put a collar around his neck, made with a sort of leather he did not know. She fastened two belts, one to either side, to the leather thing, and pulling them both, took him out of there.  She even did not bother to dress him, even with a robe. They went all along that building, which was huge, and in so doing they went by other Martians and humans, all of them dressed, even if the some of them were shackled to the wall, or else guided by their owners. He saw women guided by Martians from both sexes, but men were guided only by female Martians. Among the female of his own species he did not see the blondie with grey eyes. Now he was even more surprised that she had such freedom of movements. But no other human he met was naked, only him. Many of them were not shaven, with a beard several months old, but he was totally sahven and depilated. No doubt his Martian had the courtesy on him. Where was she taking him? Was she going to sell him, or was he a gift for another alien?

Even if she was guiding him by pulling from the straps she had tied into his collar, it surprised him that she was much smaller than he thought when in the hospital. That was definite: his bed had been much closer to the floor than he thought: that alien girl was around eighty centimeters tall at most. She was thin, and even if he was not very good at estimating, he did not think she could weigh more than twenty kilograms, probable less. Her head had no hair, but her eyes were really beautiful, sky blue. Her skin was marble white, her ears were round, her legs really long for her body, let's say 60% of her total length. Her head round, her face was triangular, though. Her feet were inside a sort of silent shoes, and in general her figure was not exactly antromorphic, as she had no waist. She was cilinder-like from the end of her legs to her shoulder, which came up to her long neck in a 30º steep line. It was difficult to tell if she was dressed, or if that was her skin what he was seeing.

They went into a room where there was a sort of motionless planetarium. She put the light on and turned round to him. She observed him at leisure, and he thought she was smiling at him. However, her mouth had no lips, and was very small. Suddenly she opened it and talked to him in a language he did not know, however images were coming to his mind on the ideas she was telling him. While she was talking, she took his manhood with her fingers. Her touch was soft, but firm. She put his organ up and showed him the tip: on the right front side of his glans there was a little triple cross burnt in fire. Touching that cross, she said: «Xint» as she pointed at herself with her other hand.  He liked her seven thin and long fingers the touch of it was so sweet. She told him with her eyes and thought that he must kneel in front of her, and pushing him softly, she made him sit on his own heels, his feet bridges well in touch with the floor, supporting the whole of his weight, his 80 kilograms. He had never been in that position in his life. Then he realized she was wearing something the material of which he did not know, very thin. There was nothing physical, which proved that she was female, but he just felt so. She had told him in his thought he felt it, just like that.

Then she showed to him, with the help of a little mirror, a dark green tatoo he had on the outer side of his right thigh. There was a series of symbols she pronounced aloud with her soprano voice: «Yiiku», pointing at him with her other hand.

He pointed at himself and said: «Yiiku», and then, pointing at her, he added: «Xint». And then he continued: «Yiiku of Xint».

But she corrected him: «Xinti Yiiku!»

He repeated: «Xinti Yiiku».

That meant, apparently, that he was called Yiiku and she was his owner and her name was Xint: Yiiku Xint. Or literally Of Xint Yiiku. The idea coming into him as she was saying it was that of protection: now he was under her protection, and nothing bad was going to happen to him. All the alien technology and improvements were at his disposal, because she was his owner and desired so.

She remarked that he understood her, and smiled at him, and taking his hair, she pulled it up and down to make him nod while she said three times: Xinti Yiiku.

Then she said: «Yiikun?» And he nodded. She smiled again and slapped him. Then she got on his shoulders and pulled up the two straps she had linked to his collar. He stood immediately, and soon learnt that she would guide him with he power of her thought. She pinched on his face if he got it wrong which way she wanted to go, and flogged his back or buttocks with the other end of her bridles if she wanted to go faster. When she wanted him to go more slowly, she pulled the bridles softly, chocking him a little. Yiiku understood at once that Xint could strangle him to death at any moment, if she wished, because the pieces of leather she was using as bridles went around his collar totally. He had thought it was a leather collar, but it was really made of a fabric which was shrunk with no wrinkles by greater pressure from the bridles.

Anyway, Xint realized soon that he would obey, because the mental power she had on him was complete. He had succeeded the first phase in the taming, and now he was on the second phase. She was sure he would succeed the other ones.

She took him to a sort of cafeteria, where she made him bend lower for her to dismount beside a table. There was another Martian, a green one, in which he recognized his captor. Xint tied Yiiku’s bridle to one of the legs of the table at which she sat with his captor. He was really green, dark green. He had black hair, very thick, reaching his shoulders. He was stronger than Xint. If she weighed around 20 kilos, he could be 30% heavier than her. She tied his bridle to the table leg at which they two were sitting while a human girl dressed only with a red thong brought a drink for Xint. Apparently it was not the first time she did so, as the alien outlined a smile, which the girl returned and then sat silently on the floor, between the green one and him. The girl looked around seventeen or eighteen years old, she was red haired and very freckled, with large breasts, and she seemed to have accepted her captivity as the most natural thing in the world. She looked very strong, but not too muscular. Xint pulled him from where she’d marked him to show it to her friend, and said «Xinti Yiiku». The male Martian uncovered his girl’s pubis, where a similar symbol to Yiiku’s was shown and said «Zacki Thenta», from where he deducted the girl was called Thenta and her owner was Zack.

The Martian said: Zacki Thenta, Xinti Yiiku. Then he pushed his girl against Yiiku, as Xint pushed him against her. He came to her and put an arm on her. The girl smiled. He touched her breast and smiled. She leaned back and spread her legs. But he forced her to close them again when removing her red thong. Then he pulled them away again and took her while she gave a little cry. He was surprised to see that he was with a virgin. But he continued his movement and possessed her there on the ground. He discharged abundantly into her, making her scream with passion in his final rattle. Hopefully, he thought, this got you pregnant.

All the humans there, about fifteen or twenty in all, had followed the incident, unlike the aliens, who had not stopped talking among themselves about their things. It seemed to him that his owner was smiling at him. There was a current of understanding between mistress and slave, and now it seemed to him that he understood everything she wanted to tell him, although he did not understand the words that he said to her. Yes, he understood the message, though not the individual supporting words. She had said she wanted him to impregnate Thenta. Then the two Martians left and they remained there on their own there, naked and tied to one leg of the table each, surrounded by other humans, all dressed, who were on their knees or sitting on the ground together with their respective owners, who had in their hands the straps tied around their slaves' necks, although some other slaves were tied to the rings on the wall or to the leg of their masters' tables. The human females looked at them very seriously, looking scared, as if imagining themselves in Thenta's place, where they would surely be soon.

Now we are horses, he told himself.

«We are», said Thenta. Apparently he had spoken out aloud unconsciously.

«Do you understand me?»

«Sure», she said. «You don't remember me, but you were friends with my older brother».

«Your brother..? Who is your brother?»


«Oh, yes, Ernest. Where is he?»

«His name is Kirst now and he belongs to a sister of my owner.«

«Has your master had you for long?»

«Since the Martians invaded this, about three years ago».

«So much time already? Well... the truth is that I have been tied up until this morning».

«Long dressage. Your mistress must love you very much. They do not tame anyone for so long».

«How old are you?»


«Ah, that's why you were a virgin».

«Yes. But not anymore», she smiled. «Our masters want us to have a child.«

«A son?»

«They say creature».

«Do you speak their language?»

«Yes. You will also learn it soon».

«And how do you feel about me getting you pregnant?»

«If it hadn't been you, it would have been someone else. I don't care who it is».

«Do you think we are a couple?»

«Couples no longer exist. These have the whim that you and I have the calf, but others are not so special and they mate us females to whoever, even a different one every day».

«That's horrible»

«Why? It used to be worse before, when some girls slept with many boys, while many others, like me, never did so even once because of shame, tradition or even because nobody wanted to do it with us».

«I don't think it was your case... And why hadn’t your master mated you yet?»

«I don’t know. My master is a biologist. Maybe he was looking for a special combination of genes... I don't really know. In fact he tamed me in a weird way. Instead of punishing me harshly, he used long but very light punishments with me. I think he didn't want to lose me. Although he might get tired any day and get rid of me. He told me so that several times, so in the end I changed my attitude and gave in».


«Actually very recently. When he said he was going to eat me. In fact, he pierced my left nipple with his mouth and said that he could take everything inside me out there. And he convinced me. I was very scared and at that moment I gave up: it was dying or giving up. And I thought it was better to stay a little longer in this life and enjoy as much as I could».

«Did you enjoy our intercourse?»

«Yes. It was my first one. They say it is the one you never forget».

«Ugh, I don't remember when or where, or with whom my first one was».

But he was lying. He did remember. It was with that blonde woman with gray eyes, although it is possible that he had done it before and did not remember now...

«Well, you said that nobody wanted to do it to you. Well I do want to do it again», Yiiku said. He kissed her tongue and possessed her again. The humans looked again, amused. That made him think that they were still very driven by their customs and traditions, even if their masters could not care less of them. There were men and women of all ages there. Some talked to each other, but no one did anything improper, and the aliens paid no attention to them.

When their masters returned they were fornicating for the third time. They each tugged on their possession, pulling them apart, causing some of the sperm to fall onto the girl's belly and onto the floor. Zack slid over her and sipped it from her belly and from the floor. Then he bit her belly, which made Thenta whine a little, though then she smiled at her owner. Xint pulled Yiiku to his feet and stuffed the man's hose into his mouth and sucked hard. He squealed in pain, until she released him and smiled at him, satisfied.

As they were leaving, one of the Martians at the next table said something to Xint, who replied something none of the humans understood, but the Alien untied his human girl and threw her to the ground between Thenta and Yiiku. The girl, a blondie not very graceful and a little chubby, was terrified. But at his master's command, she pulled up his skirt and took off her panties and gave them to her master, who tooke them but kept his limb towards her as if asking for something else. She understood and took off her skirt and gave it to him as well. Yiiku understood what his mistress expected of him, so he approached her and put his hands under her sweater, shirt and bra, and squeezed the girl's breasts hard, making her scream. It seemed they had never done her so. He pushed her back and when she was lying down he stretched out on top of her and invaded her feminity with his hose. This girl was not a virgin, but she was dry. He had a little trouble, but he finally managed to flow into her. She was gesturing as if she was suffering a lot, but when he finished she approached him and kissed him on the mouth and said: Danke sehr, from which he deduced that she was German and was thanking him. Probably she thought, as he did, that if she was pregnant, they'd let her live longer.

Both Martians climbed into their saddles and left the building once the mare had put her thong on.

They were walking rather slowly, and while the Martians talked about their things, he asked his fellow: «What do you know about our Martian masters?»

«I know they are not Martians, as you think, but Centaurs. They come from Alpha-Centauri».

«Okay, Centaurs».

«I know that your mistress was the one who captured me. As I was coming from school, I found her in front of me. She stared at me and suddenly I understood what she wanted to say. She said to me Now you are mine. Your name is Thenta. Throw your school bag on the floor, you will no longer need it. Undress, you will no longer need clothes, although you can keep the thong. You will do everything I tell you because now I am your owner».

«So what did you do?»

«Everything she said. I couldn't refuse! It always annoyed me to do what my parents or teachers told me, and that's why I was always punished. But I just couldn't refuse what Xint was telling me to do».

«That is to say, she became your mistress».

«Yes. Well, they say that when a Centaur has been your master it never ceases to be so. But my mistress changed me for you».


«My master found you on the road. Apparently your car had an accident and he got you out of there. He cured you. My mistress saw you when she went to visit her friend and she liked you. She proposed the change and he accepted».

«Do you think they are a couple?»

«I do not know. Friends they are, indeed».

«What other news about the world do you have?»

«I think everything is the same as here all around the world. Humans are no longer important. Those who have refused to do what they were told paid with their lives. A few days ago I saw one who did not want to do to a woman what you have just done to me and I saw how they made other humans hold him and spread his legs while a Martian ate his sex, literally. There was no injury: she nailed her mouth to his crotch and we saw how his sex was shrinking until he had only a little skin hanging. Then they took him to that Martian's house. They say she ate it, but I'm not sure».

«Yes, I do believe it. They are man-eating creatures».

«Spooky! Although I’d already heard of it, but I hoped what my master told me was to scare me nothing more...»

«It is the way it is: if you behave well, you will live longer».

«Yes, that is clear to me».

«Would you like to be a mother?»

«Females are no longer mothers. We give birth, but the masters take care of the baby and we don't see it anymore».

«I thought women  breastfeed them».

«Yes, they bring babies for us to nurse, but they are never ours».

«And how do you know that?»

«I have seen women in labor. They take away the babies and then they are given other ones. Yes, they do not care».

«What a pity!»

«Centaurs like human milk, or Hun's milk, as they call us».

«Are we Hun?»

«No. I am Hun, but you males are Hon».

«Hon. I like it»..

«It sounds better than Hun».

«And how do you know about the milk?»

«I have seen it. As soon as they see a human breastfeeding they line up to suck on her nipples».

«Poor girls».

«Well, they get used to it».

«And what happens when they don't have any more milk left?»

«I don’t know. I haven't seen it. I have seen a woman breastfeed ten centaurs and then still have for her baby».

«And are their breasts not deformed?»

«No, I haven't seen that yet».

«So…, how do you handle this business of having calves?»

«It is what is for us now. If these people had not invaded us I would have finished high school, then I would have made a career and would have ended in unemployment. But now I am not unemployed: I am a mare, a calf producer, and in a future a dairy cow. Three jobs with a great future in today's world».

«I envy you».

«Do you envy me?, I said it sarcastically».

«I know».

«Then why do you envy me? You don't have to give birth».

«That’s why. You will live longer than I».

«I don’t know. You will live as long as your mistress wants. When she gets tired of you, she will give you away or eat you. But if you're docile, I don't think she will. So you have to be careful».

In that moment their owners ordered them to stop and bend down to dismount. They entered a building, leaving them tied to a post at the entrance. They took the opportunity to get together again, although he had already learned not to remove her thong, but to push it aside. But they had to abort the operation because the owners appeared within five minutes.

«We are like rabbits», he said.

«This used to be my house», said Thenta. «Now my master lives here».

«Why they don’t let us in?»

«I do not know. There are things they want us to do in front of everybody. It thrills them. Like what we just did: we used to do this in private, but then we Hen no longer have a private life».


«Yes. It is Hun and Hon at the same time. It is plural».

The Centaurs brought two women and one man. They tied them together with the two of them, except for the oldest woman, who looked about 45 years old. She was larger than Thenta, but had short, grayish hair. Then Yiiku noticed that women no longer dyed or cut their hair or used makeup. Nor, of course, they combed their hair, at least at the hair salon.

Zack untied Yiiku and pushed the untied woman towards him.

«I think he wants you to ride her», Thenta said very seriously.

«Shask. Zacki Shask», said the woman in a contralto and very serious voice. She was wearing a kind of large pink bikini, but she took it off with two movements: first the top, releasing her breasts much smaller than Thenta's, and then she lowered her panties, which were small, but far from being a thong like the one the young woman was wearing. She blushed a lot. In fact Yiiku had never seen such a blushing, from her face to her chest. But she did not doubt to hand both garments to her master, who held them in his hand. Then he said in a hig-pitched voice:

«Yiikui Shask».

«That is to say, he wants you to be mine».

«He wants you to fuck me», said the woman.

Yiiku obeyed. He felt respect for that venerable woman, whom he still saw elegant even in her nakedness, with that dignity that women have when they are important in life, even if they have fallen in disgrace. But now she was just a slave, a bitch waiting for a dog to mount her. He approached her and kissed her on the mouth, with his tongue. The woman did not reciprocate, but he touched her sex and noticed that it was wet. Standing, he bent down a little, and reaching up he entered her in  a single abrupt movement, which made her scream. After several minutes she started to react and hugged him. After a few minutes he unloaded into her.

«Are you still fertile?» He asked.

«Yes. Shask has already had three children and it seems that she will still have twenty more, if these people do not eat me before», said the woman, concerned.

He noticed her short, gray hair, although she had very few wrinkles.

«Don't be bitter, Shask. This is what is on now. Maybe you get used to it and you will like it more than your previous life».


Without his masters ordering, Yiiku took hold of the woman's hair and forced her  to bend down and stand on her fours on the ground and then he took her again, but from behind, as if she were a real street bitch. Although the masters had not told him to do so, they encouraged him with little cries. This time it took longer, a long quarter of an hour, while the woman was weeping all the time. When they were done, he pulled her hair again and forced her to turn around to give her another tongue kiss while he held her breasts with his hands in great force.

«Don't forget, bitch», he said before he released them, «that you're not a lady anymore. Now you're a fucking bitch who will fuck people like me and maybe even less considerate than I am».

Still sobbing, she looked at him in disdain while she massaged her aching breasts.

Zack signaled to Thenta, who took off her thong again and also assumed the position of the dog, on all fours. At a sign from Xint, her owner, he took her again as if she were another stray bitch. The Shask thing was very recent, so Yiiku took more than twenty minutes, but finally he watered the interior of Thenta, too.

When they finished, Zack threw the thong back to Thenta, who put it on right away, but he threw Shask's bikini into a trash can that was on a lamp post, full with rubbish. Then she took one of the straps from her slave's necklace and passed it inside Yiiku's, and handed the other strap to Xint.

«It looks like you're getting a temporary partner», Thenta told him.

«Do you know her?», he asked.

«Yes. She is my mother».

«Your mother!  Oh, I am relly sorry…, I did not know...», said Yiiku, overcome.

«Not your fault. We all have to adapt to this new World order».

That girl had assumed things fast, much more deeply than her mom or Yiiku.

«And where is your father?»

«My father is there, watching, beside my sister Celia, who is now called Glo».

«It must be very hard for him».

«I do not know. I guess so, but it was he who advised us to surrender», Shask said. «I hate I insulted you, Yiiku. You just told me what you thought, and you're surely right, under the circumstances. My master now punishes me by taking off what was left of my clothes. Now I am a completely devoted slave. I think he wants me to have your puppy».

«What's this about surrendering?»

«When all this started, we hid in the basement, and no one knew we were there. We had food for years, and they would never have discovered us. But then we saw through the cameras that we have throughout the house that Zack came with our little Karin, and we decided to turn ourselves in, at the request of my husband. The truth is that if we stayed there we would have become cornered animals. No, what he proposed is better, although as you can see it is very hard: he has seen me possessed by another man, and I have had to allow a stranger to fuck me in front of my husband and daughters».

«You did not allow me. It was by force. Although I am not guilty, I raped you».

«No, you know you didn’t: I was wet. I am only human».

Yiiku had an impulse, and hugged her.

«Human among humans», he said. «I will treat you well, if you give me the option».

«Thank you».

«Are you still mad at me?»

«We slaves cannot be angry, Yiiku. You have just seen it»..

Zack took the man and his daughter inside, but before they left they saw how both aliens sucked each other's mouths. That must be an Alien version of a parting kiss.

As soon as they got to Xint's house, she fed them a kind of cold fodder that tasted very bad, but which filled their bellies. Then they relieved themselves and the three of them showered together.

Then Xint suggested that they joined again. He had to water Shask first and then Thenta.

When Xint left, he asked:

«What was your name before?»

«I was Helen», said Shask.

«And, I Karin», said Thenta.

«Well, I was Álvaro», said Yiiku. «But now we are three trained dogs».

«Yes», said Shask. «But at least you don't have to give birth».

«Well, I would gladly change with you or with your daughter».

«Do you want to give birth?» She said in amazement.

«That way your life is guaranteed at least until you give birth».

«I do not know. These people eat the pregnant Hun when they have nothing else».

«Well, there’re us men».

«Yes, but you have been chosen well».

«Why do you say that?»

«You cover us both, and possibly more females will be brought to you. You've already showed how powerful you are in sex».

«Why do you believe that?»

«I have eyes on my face. By the way», she continued, «I think we should make love sometimes, when they are not watching».

That took Yiiku by surprise:

«What do you mean by that?»

«You'll have to get us both pregnant sooner or later. I am a woman of love and tenderness. I need them and I give them. I would like to make love, in addition to fucking».

«Wouldn't that be like cheating on your husband?»

«He's no longer my husband, Yiiku. These people have divorced me and provisionally married me to you. Until they divorce me from you. So I want you to make love to me. And to my daughter, too. It will be touching to see her first time. Yes, I know you have fucked her several times, but I want her to see what it is like when love is made, so that she can teach someone she likes what things were done like in this planet before the intruders arrived».

That made Yiiku fall in love. It touched his heart. He took her hand, and kissed it: yes, indeed, his first impression was good. She was quite a lady.

«Forgive me, Shask», he said, «you are neither a whore nor a bitch. You are a charming woman, and it will be a luxury to make love to you. And court you, if you will allow me».

She smiled, and was smiling when he kissed her. You could tell she was happy. He caressed her and two hours later, after a long petting, after endlessly romping on the barn floor where they would sleep that night and many more, he brought her to orgasm, and soon after he had his own. Indeed, it had nothing to do with previous street intercourses.

When they finished, the mother turned to her daughter and said: «Have you seen, Karin? This is how a woman makes love».

«Yes, mother».

«I'll make love to you in an hour, Karin», said Yiiku. «Let me recover a little. Your mother is too good for me», he added, smiling and giving her a loving spank on the buttocks, which she appreciated.

He took more of that organic feed than his mistress had given him in a small sack to spend the night, showered with his new partner, Shask. She had said it: she had been married to him until they divorced him from her just as easily and without asking either of them anything. But that's the way it was.

After the shower, Shask lay down on the straw, as she needed to sleep: there had been many emotions during the day.

«But I want you to call me when you are about to do it. I would like to see you do it, daughter».

Yiiku took Thenta by the hand and they went for a walk. Xint's house had a large yard of five hundred by three hundred meters, and they walked in there for almost two hours, until it got dark. It's funny, the man told himself, a few months ago had I had a chance with any of these two, I would have been eager to make love immediately, while now I'm delaying it. It must be the certainty it is going to happen...

When they returned to the barn they realized that Shask was not where they left her, but somewhere further away. Apparently she moved a lot when sleeping.

He walked over to the sleeping beauty and slapped her buttock gently.

«Wake up, Helen. The show is about to start».

She looked at him blankly, but then she saw her little girl, and remembered.

«Oh, yes, thank you».

Yiiku gave the mother a long kiss, with a deep tongue, and then went to give her daughter another one, while caressing her generous chest until it almost hurt her, what did not make her scream in pain, but moan with pleasure. Her breathing deepened each time. She came before her mother, fifty minutes later. He continued, however, as he could not impregnate her if there was no ejaculation. He finally reached his orgasm, and then something very strange happened: the two women reached theirs at the same time as his.

«I'd never seen anything like it, Hen», said Yiiku. You have come, Shask, along with Thenta, your daughter. The two of you have come along with me. It was a triple orgasm out of sympathy».

«You are wise, Yiiku». Shask said». What did you do before?»

«Me? I was sales representative, but I really liked reading. And you?»

«I was a university professor. I taught philosophy».

«An interesting job».

«Yes, to finish off as a rabbit for the aliens».

«Well, let's consider it in a positive way», he said, stroking her chin: «These people don't waste anything. If your knowledge is ever useful to them, they will surely consult you. At the moment you are still alive».

«Yes, although we don't know for how long. Nor how long we will be together».

«Do you miss your family, your husband?»

«These people divorced me a few hours ago, I already told you. I don't know if I will see my husband, my son, or my other daughter again. Nor how long will I be with Karin...»

«Mom...» said the latter, «Don't be pessimistic. Think that now we are together, and we share a man. That's like another family, right? And dad is with Celia, and that is another family».

«Yes. And your son will be his brother's nephew», said Yiiku.

«Don't be fond of children», Shask said. «Not even mention them. As soon as they are born they will be taken from us and we will not see them again».

«Damn it, Shask, how tough you are! And how do you know?»

«It is what I have seen. Although these beings have only been ruling the planet for three years, I have seen pregnant women from before them give birth to the children who are then ncarried away never to be seen again. Some of them had a very bad time. But they have ways of convincing people».

«Oh, do they? And how is that?»

«They make several women give birth at the same time, together. They dominate them mentally. These beings overpower us psychologically, because they use telepathy and invade our minds with their images. Some are downright awful. But when they fail with that, they nail that small trumpet-shaped mouth into us and literally suck us from the inside out. I saw several Centaurs do this to a new mom and in five minutes not even her bones or skin remained. The poor thing died screaming, although I think not from pain, but from despair».

«These centaurs are really bad...»

«I don’t know. We didn’t treat seals, mink and so many other delicate animals any better. By the way, have you noticed that there are no rats or cockroaches any longer? Not even bedbugs. In places like this barn there used to be many. You see that these people eat everything that moves».

«And will you be able to let them take your baby away without protest?»

«Let's see: it is a piece of meat. Of my meat and yours. I have not sought or desired this pregnancy. If one day I find out that any of my children has grown into adulthood, I will be happy, but if I cannot control the destiny of the children that I did want to bring into the world, I will control much less these that I neither wished nor planned nor will I have the option to educate... They will hang another woman’s kid from my tits to stimulate my milk production, which is something that these people really like. I've seen that. What I don't know is how long those babies will be with us, as they change them every few days. They don't want any ties of affection among the Hen».

«Then we…»

«We will be lucky if we last nine months together...»

«But don't worry», Thenta said, «an alpha male like you will be given another couple while you can make her pregnant. They will give you a new one from time to time. And we have the worst job to do».

«Sorry, Thenta. I've already developed feelings for you, dear. And for you too, Shask».

They smiled at him.

«Don't fall in love, Yiiku», said the older one. «See how easily they destroyed an almost thirty years old marriage a few hours ago...»

«Maybe they'll send you home».

«I doubt it, since I already belong to your mistress, Xint. She is the one to make my decisions since a few hours ago».

«In the other house you had a bikini and they took off it from you. Your daughter is wearing a thong, and I have been naked since they captured me, but I have seen people with much more clothes... what is the clothing code in this new world?»

«Well, I still don't know for sure», Shask said. “At first they leave us as we are, but if we do something they don't like, they take off our clothes little by little. They play with our sense of modesty. First my skirt was taken off when my first master started taming me. He stared at me and I had the irresistible urge to take off my skirt, which made me very embarrassed, since my children had never seen me in panties. Then Ernest, my son, was taken away, and I protested. His response was to make me take off my shirt: I didn't want to, but Zack stared at me and I couldn't help but take off a button. He kept staring at me and gave me an order: Go on. One by one I took off all the buttons, red with embarrassment. He held out one of his limbs and I took off my shirt and gave it to him. Then he put it to his mouth and I don't know what he did with it, but it started to fall apart. I think he absorbed all the organic material it had. And you saw how he undressed me completely».

«What material was the shirt made of?».

«Cotton. Light blue, very beautiful».

«And how long were you in a bikini?».

«Well, it was not a bikini, but a bra and knickers. One week. So when Zack gave my older daughter to his friend Cux, I could not object. I didn't want to go totally naked».

«But now you're as naked as I am».

«I don't know why they undressed you, but in my case it was because I did not want to collaborate this morning. They saw me hostile to you, and they interpreted that as disobedience».

«If you disobey once more, what will happen to you?»

«Probably something very unpleasant. So I have changed my mind. I don't want to die either, Yiiku».

«And you, Thenta, how did you lose your clothes?»

«For no reason. When Xint captured me she told me to throw away my school bag and my clothes, because I wasn't going to need them anymore. I had this thong under my panties, and apparently she liked me wearing it, so she left it for me. But once I saw a woman disobey when she was already naked. They stuck his mouth into one of her breasts and ate it. Her skin was absorbed. Now the poor thing has only one breast. And they changed her name: now it is Tit».

«Tit. Curious. They have a caustic sense of humor».

«There are many much worse names».

At that moment Xint appeared on the lintel of the house front door. She whistled and all three fell silent, listening intently. The image of Yiiku came to them. He made his way to where his mistress was, followed by the two of them, but they immediately turned and went back to the barn, submissive.

He spent the rest of the afternoon doing housework: he swept the house, then scrubbed it, washed dishes, and did the laundry for his mistress, after which he ironed her clothes.

She was sitting in an armchair while he did all of this naked. You could tell she loved the view. She interrupted him twice to extract the nectar from his manhood. She gave him some fodder to make up for it. She told him of her world and why they had invaded his, that of men. Their world, Xentec, in the star Yía, which on Earth is known as Proxima Alpha-Centauri, became unstable, and to avoid the dying of their race, they decided to find a new home. That is why they sent an advance party to this planet, and when they saw the conditions of it, how manipulable its inhabitants are, and above all what they were doing to their world, they decided to take control of it. First they controlled the governments, and then when the mass exodus came, they controlled all the people. Yes, it was true: Terrans are edible to them, but they do not have teeth or need them: they can dwarf their mouth to the diameter of a pin, and pierce the carcass of any terrestrial animal, of which there was much more variety than in Xentec, and then inject their gastric juices into the body, which dissolve the interior of its victim, and then it is a matter of reabsorbing the total in the body: the solvent and the dissolved in it. They don't really eat animals: they drink them. But there are two exceptions: Hen's sperm and breast milk. Male and female Centaurs alike love them. It is not a sexual component: it is simply a treat for them, and also very nutritious. They drink it directly, without injecting Hen anything previously».

«But that is terrible», Yiiku said.

«Not really», she replied». What you were doing is much worse, only that we do it gradually and you used to do it on a large scale, even if you were not aware of it. You were committing suicide as a species, and in the process you were rendering the planet useless. What you were doing to this beautiful planet has no name».

«But... but... you have killed humanity!»

«Yes, we swept humanity out, but not humans. We have only eaten those who do not obey».

«But you keep eating us».

«No. Well, I won't deny that we have a kind of pantry with you, like you used to have chickens. But we synthesize everything. Even minerals».

«Do humans taste good?».

«Yes. Especially when you are alive. We don't like you dead».

«Do... do you like me?».

«Yes. A lot», she said, smiling. «That's why I asked Zack. I traded you for that beautiful redhead Hun. Now my friend Zack has lent her to me because we want to cross you two. We will see what comes out from Thenta with your seed».

«Are you…, are you going to eat our son?»

«He is not your son. You are mine, and Thenta is mine, for the moment, too. What she will bear will be mine, too, not yours or hers. And I'll decide what to do with the baby. If it is female, I will surely give her to another human to feed it. I will bring it to you periodically, if you last me, although you will not know that it is yours. Thenta will breastfeed the babies that I bring her, although her main mission will be to feed me. I will milk her every day. Only with its milk can I live indefinitely. With the milk of his mother I will have for my guests».

«What will happen if it's a boy?»

«Well, that's the best thing of all: He may be as good a procreator as you are. I'll wait to see. But it will be the same: I will know where he will be, but you will not. And neither does Shask. Do you like Shask?»

«Yes, a lot».

«If I'm happy with you two, I'll leave her close to you, but her next child won't be yours».

«Won’t be?»

«No. That is to make it clear to you that she is mine, but not yours. You are mine, and she is also mine. That is all your kinship. Once she is pregnant, I will make her have sex with other men in your presence, as you lay her daughter in her presence. Her next child will be from another man, whom you will help, if necessary, to take her. It is not good for the Hen to become very fond of one another. Then you feel that you are the owner of what is not yours, and that can lead to problems. It is best to break those links before they occur. Also, when you were nearly dead, I made an experiment on your DNA to improve your longer and denser reproductive abilities. That's why you can endure longer intecourses and your sperm is denser. In addition, it will be very useful if those abilities are hereditary. Have you, understood?»

«Yes, mistress. But why did you do that to me?»

«Well, that experiment had never been done, and most surely you'd die, anyway. So I took the risk..., and I succeeded! Don't you think I did the right thing?»

«Jes, Mistress. Probably that experiment saved my life».

«I am sure of it. Come closer, I want to drink you a little more».

Xint captured the hose from his manhood and sucked it again. He ended up exhausted, but after ten minutes he was recovered.

«Mistress, can I ask you a question?»

«Tell me».

«Why did you choose me? I think I was in a very bad condition when you met me».

«Zack told me about you. I saw you in the hospital and briefly tasted your elixir, and then decided to get you out of the clutches of death. So I took care of you personally. I made my mark on your hose. So you know it's mine and that you're mine. And I put my certificate of ownership on one of your legs. That way all the Centaurs will know that you belong to me. While you were there I programmed you so that your libido was higher than normal. Now I could drink you again, but I have no more desire. I prefer Thenta to drink you a little».

And then the two women came into the house.

«Thenta, it's your turn. Sula», said the mistress. Thenta obediently stretched out on the floor with her legs spread wide, her hips up in the air. Yiiku took her in that position and in a few minutes it was over.

«Shask, on your fours», said the mistress. The woman got down on hands and knees and Yiiku took her from behind. In five minutes it was all over.

«How many times have you done it today, girls?»

«Me four, mistress», Shask said.

«And I seven», Thenta said.

«Good. Tomorrow you won't even once, but I want you to see how the Hon takes yoru mom twelve times. And you don't go past that number, Yiiku, unless your mistress tells you to. From now on I will decide how many times and who has sex with every one of you. Have you understood?».

«Yes, mistres», the male answered. «Can I ask why?»

«Because you three belong to me, and therefore so does your sexual life. Also it is a way to control and discipline you, even if I know you are really obedient: your sex is mine and is subjected to my whims. Controlling your sex gives me pleasure».

Yiiku was surprised to see that idea excited him. He looked at the women and saw their breathing thythm was deeper and noisier. So we are really her slaves!, he thought.

They stayed there for a while, with her and asked her many questions, including the meaning of their names.

«Yiiku means powerful, in our language. Thenta is soft, and Shask is rebel. And yes, all humans will go naked in the long run. That is only a matter of time. You, Shask, and you Yiiku, are among the first. It is true, there are still not many totally naked humans, but they will all lose their clothes, because animals are not dressed, and that is what you are. But also because the textile industry was the main pollution producer for our atmosphere. And yes, humanity has been over decimated, although it is true that we have a lot of meat in the freezer. It is because there have been many shasks, or real rebels, and we had to make them commit suicide or kill each other. You could say we kept only the best ones among you, the most docile ones, like pets. The rest are just breeding animals for our pantry, except a few rebels, which we keep to make them fight among themselves so that we can enjoy two of our passions: bets and eating the vanquished ones, in the same way as your wolves did before we ate them all».

«Did you eat the wolves?»

«Yes. And also bears, lions…, we left very few species. We did not keep all the animals in this planet, but only those which we found beautiful. And wolves and dogs were horrible. And they tasted horrible, too. But anyway we do not disregard any protein».

«And what happened to the other animals, the harmful ones?»

«We ate everything that moved, even fleece and bedbugs. We decided this planet houses only animals which deserved that, and there were many which harmed the ecosystem just by breathing, so we swiped them off and ate them. The vegetarians, who are a minority among us, wanted us to exterminate all the animals so that we could live in peace and harmony with our new planet and its vegetal life, but it was lucky for you, zebras and whales that vegetarians are only a little minority among us, and we did not pay attention to them».

«I wonder......», said Shask, who not in vain had been a Philosophy Professor, «mistress, can I make you a question?»

«You can make them all, little one».

«Mistress, where lies your superiority over us? If we are intelligent, why did you not adopt us as a species, protecting, but without vexing us like you dos, forgiving us our life, but not always? We used to have laws which protected animals from mistreatment».

«Yes, well, and in spite of that you did slaughter them for something so stupid as money».

«Don’t you have money?», asked Thenta.

«Yes, we do have a currency, which we call rblek, and we’ve had it for thousands of years, but nobody uses it, except for auctions and bets, but we exchange things because we feel it is more fair. In addition, we all can have everything we want without anybody giving it to us».

«And how do you get them?»

«From what you asked: where lies our superiority on you? Well, we are telepaths, which allows us stay tuned among us all, the fifty millions of us on the planet. We also practice telekinesis, that is, we can move things from distance, disregarding their weight or how far they are. We also have advanced knowledge on chemistry which let us transmute the elements we wish by using the sidereal energy which reaches us from the Sun and other stars, we master the gravitational energy, but above all we control the realm of spirit, the one you glimpsed in some periods of your history, but when you try to focus on it, it evades you because you cannot concentrate deep enough. That’s why you are to us what hens used to be to you, though some of you ascended to the category dogs and other pets had for you. We do not pay more attention to you because you don’t deserve it. As a species you are a disaster, though some of your individuals are really worth while».

«Mistress», kept on Shask, «how many…, how many Hen are left in the world?»

Xint paused briefly, as if she was making calculations, and after a few seconds she said: «a hundred million twenty-five thousand: a hundred million in farms all over the five continents, five thousand pets, though the number increases little by little, and twenty thousand fighters».

«Fighters?», said Thenta. «Soldiers?»

«No, little Hun: we founded Hen villages all over the world which are apparently free, where they organize in the way they want, but once a month we make ten people out of every village to compete in a fight to death in which they cannot use any wepons but their own bodies: no sticks, no stones. It is really funny, but what we enjoy most are the bets: we bet for one of the two fighters in any single fight, and money goes from hands to hands at every fight. We auction the fighters, then they fight and thenwe eat the loser».

«That is horrible, mistress», the male said.

«Why? The fight ends when one of them dies. The meat is not so delicious as when you are alive, but we pardon that because of the excitement in the bets, and also because of the aggressiveness and other passions you project when you fight. I’ll take you to one of those fights in a few days, so that you can see how lucky you are in my house».

Noticing the expressions in her pets’ faces, and feeling what they felt, Xint stopped telling them, finishing with this final note: «Now you know why we vanquished your race, but do not be sour: I love you, and nothing bad will happen to you, provided you keep in mind who your owner is».

That night Yiiku dreamed of the blondie with sad gray eyes. He dreamed that he was back in that hospital and she climbed on him again.

After seven months, both women gave birth five days apart, but they did not even want to see their babies more than the time their mistress forced them to, as they had to use them to get their tits to produce milk. He was there, along with Xint.

First Thenta felt bad, and she lay down on the ground, on the grass next to her mistress's house, and spread her legs. After a few hours pushing, she finally stretched large enough and between Yiiku and their mistress they got in their hands the appearing male baby. The woman who had been taken as a midwife because she had been urgently warned, remained at a safe distance, and as soon as Xint gave her the baby, she washed it with lukewarm water and kept him in custody till Xint put it on Thenta's breast to make it produce milk. Xinto and Jiiku carefully washed the new mother and smeared her with a special liquid to protect her from bacteria. After a few hours milk was already coming from the new mom's tits, and then Xinto gave the baby back to the midwife, who unconvered a breast and breastfed it while going away never to be seen again.

«It is done. In theory you could take her again, but that won't happen, Yiiku».

«Whatever you say, mistress».

Five days later, it was Shask's turn, except that instead of hours, there were scarcely ten minutes for each child. Because she had twins: a boy and a girl. Another human, this time a naked girl, took care of the children, who took them hanging from both breasts.

«Well, guys, now we change couples. I already told you, Yiiku».

«Yes, mistress».

To make it less difficult, their mistress brought Keiko, a very beautiful young Japanese woman whom Yiiku had to distinguish with his favors, because his new mission was to impregnate her. Two months later, when it was evident that he had succeeded, a black Hon, from Central Africa, appeared, very tall and strong, who dedicated himself to fornicating the mother and daughter, Shask and Thenta, until after a month both tey were in a state of good hope. But someone else was in that state: Gra, the young daughter of Bru, the black African, who had come with her father. As soon as she had also fulfilled her mission, the Africans left, but they took Thenta with them. Instead of her Xint brought Glo, Shask's eldest daughter, to couple her to Yiiku, and and Rosario, a very explosive Brazilian who worked ast a painter until the intruders finished all that.

She told her mother what had happened since she left home. She had been alone in that house with her master, because her father was taken to another place a month later, and she did not see him again. His master was not bad. He liked to talk to her, and he taught her many things about his planet. He also told her that her father had been exchanged for two young girls in South America that would be sent to her master when they had given birth to what Shask's ex had sown in them. As soon as they arrived, Zack had sent her, Glo, to Xint to compensate her for Thenta, whom he had exchanged an African for a very strong Bantu girl, Gra, Bru's daughter. His owner wanted Bru, Thenta’s baby’s father, to impregnate her again because he liked their puppy very much. That gave Xint the idea to repeat Shask and Yiiku, because she had twins only with Yiiku, though the African had made the white woman a pretty light brown girl whom they named Lap, the smiling one. Xit decided to leave her with her mom nd her male to experiment what would happen when she grew up and was fertilized by her mom's mate. So she told them hey'd be together, since he was more itnerested in quantity than on quality, and she wanted to know if the proflific one was the Hon or the Hun, een if she would cross her with other males; and so in the following five years she bore tewlve Yiiku's children: three litters of twins and two of triplets, and seven puppies from other Hon she brought home, and other four from places she sent her and so test the degree of nostalgy they felt for each other.

Glo was four years older than her sister, so she was 22 at the time Yiiku rode her for the first time. He got her pregnant in a month, but Xint allowed them to enjoy threesome, so Glo also learned to make love, in addition to fucking like a bitch, watching how her mother did it, although she had also had her experience before invasion, though she only had made sheer sex, with no further aspiration. This made Glo fall in love with Yiikuy, too, even if she knew that under the new world regime love was more a platonic thing really, even if there were carnal interludes, if she was lucky and their owners were happy with what they produced together. That provoked an inversion in values, because the offspring was no longer the consequence of love, but its very cause, in cases like Yiiku's with the mother and her daughter, Glo, and Rosario, the Brazilian girl, till several years later she was sent to her place and they never saw her again.

The funny thing is that Shask's eldest's children were also twins or triplets, from which the alien deduced that it was something about gene compatibility. That was why she started to think having Thenta again, who'd been missing for years. Centaurs did not want Humans to develop affection feelings among them..., but it was clear that she did have them for Earthlings. Was she an awful Centaur, or was it that they did whatever they chose? The truth is that Centaur people never understood about countries or cultures, and apparently they all were one with one another and with the planet. They had their reasons to do what they did, but they never explained that to humans, and most probably the latter never would undestand it.

Xint was overjoyed, as with her three milking females she had more than enough to invite her friends. Every day, she summoned them, once every three hours, to her house, and felt her breasts while she applied her mouth to one nipple, and sipped until she was satisfied. With time, a bond of affection developed between the Alien and the slaves, especially with the oldest of them, Shask, without whom she would never be. From time to time Xint invited five or six Centaurs to her home to what would be the equivalent to a party for humans, and along  them the three women and the man went about the aliens with trays full with drinks and little strange sandwiches the origin of which they did not want to know. But at dessert time all the guests got their share of human milk directly from the women's breasts, and also some lucky ones, whom Xint liked more than the others, had access to Yiiku's hose, who got exhausted, but however was himself again in a short time due to the genetic engineering Xint and other specialists had made in the male's body.

One day Xint told them she was making special party with a little surprise for them. When the party had already begun, they remarked that Xint went away for several minutes, while they were serving their special candy to the guests. Then the hostess summoned them to a special room, a bit smaller, where there was a table with a bed sheet on it, which covered what seemed more food plates.

«Get close to the table, Yiiku. You are tasting this dish in the first place»

When the Hon came close to the table, their mistress pulled the sheet off to the floor. What was unconvered did not get any reaction from the Centaurs, but the Humans jumped in joy: in front of them there was a smiling Thenta, lying on the table and looking at them sweetly.

Xint explained the other Centaurs they were about to see while her pets mated, what most of them did not know, because they had no pets. The vegetarians looked at one another, and then shrugged their shoulders.

«Go on, Yiiku: show my friends how your race is generated».

The male did not disappoint his owner: he went onto the table and took Thenta in the missionary position. She streched her legs around him, and moved them in a circular movement around his buttock. The man used the situation to whisper affectionate words right to the ear of the mother of several children of his:

«Did you miss me, little bitch?»

«Sure, Yiiku.», she answered into his very ear as he was pumping his elixir into her. «You are my favorite dog. In Africa they did not make love to me even once, although they fucked me every day several times».

Later on, when they were alone in the barn, the Humans asked the young woman about her African experience.

Her most frequent couple was Bru, whom she knew very well with time. He could not stand not knowing about hsi daugher, and that turned him very agresssive, what she noticed in the sexual act, which became very energic and bad-tempered. At last his owner had to eat him to stop having trouble from him.

Much later, when Yiiku and Thenta had a moment of more intimacy, whithout the other women present, he asked for more details on her African stay, above all about the sexual mates assigned to her.

She paused a moment, as if doubting whether telling him something nasty. «Bru was substituted», she said in a trembling voice, « by Kirst, my brother, from who I eventually had a son. I suppose now he’ll be happier with the two Burmese who are there instead of me. It was horrible for us at first, but we had to do it all the same to avoid punishment, and then we got used to it and did it as a matter of fact. I thought of you and he thought of another woman while we were having sex».

Shask was very happy to have both her daughters with her, and to know that her son was fine. She did not like knowing, however, that she had, or had had, a double grandson as a result of an incestuous relationship between brother and sister, but everyone knew that it was most likely that she no longer had it... She just needed to know about her ex-husband, with whom she spent so many happy years. But Xint told Yiiku that Zack had changed him to a friend of his from South America, where he had made 20 children to as many women from his friend and other visitors, because he was a highly regarded stallion in that environment. Seeing Shask's interest, Xint decided to visit him in South America with his oldest slave so that his old love would make him another son.

But motherhood no longer existed in this changed world. Nor fatherhood. It was a pantry, or in any case, the humans had learned that they didn't care. Xint was a good mistress, but among the aliens the slaves were lent, and sometimes they were a few months without seeing each other, although it is true that both Shask and Yiiku were owned by Xint, since both carried the certificate of ownership on the side of their right leg as a testimonial, and if they did not live exactly together, they did sleep in the same place almost every night of the year, and over time they became friends and had a love that is only possible between people of the same condition. So with time Shask had the twenty children she was afraid at first to have to bear, and she even exceeded that number by seven, because the climacteric had not just reached her.

16 A peculiar visit. Esperanto Español

When Shask and Glo gave birth to their fifteenth and first children, respectively, Xint took them and Yiiku on a very instructive visit to a farm, leaving Thenta and Rosario in cahrge of the puppies they four were looking after.

Yes, indeed, the Centaurs had meat farms all over the planet, like the cattle and pig farms that humans had had before, although they were not exactly the same. There were several million Centaurs, although not as many as Earthlings, and they had organized the distribution and conservation of the most abundant food on the planet, although, it was fair to admit, there were also vegetarian Centaurs. However, they were the Hen's worst enemies, because they said that so many natural resources should not be expended on their preservation, and advocated their total eradication. Instead carnivores, which were the majority, defended the harvest of humans.

The fact that Zack had not taken them to a farm, like many others, Xint told them, was because he had liked them very much, and he wished they were his pets, not breeding animals, the life of which would be more boring and especially shorter. But he likes changes, and that's why he gave them to Xint, knowing that she was going to treat them well.

They were horrified by what they saw there, but then it made them think that they had been very lucky in their misfortune: there were only females, although they did not have a foot nailed to the ground, but instead it was trapped to a clamp the chain of which was hooked to a ring on the wall. From the time they were weaned, they were trapped in washers, which were changed every five years as they grew up. As soon as they were fertile, around the age of twelve, they were fertilized artificially, and when they gave birth they were milked three times a day for the rest of their lives, which was measured in childbirths. When they had had 20 to 30 children, they were to be slaughtered, and they ended up sold in tin cans for Centaur consumption, although sometimes some of them could occasionally come, the guide told them, to the farm and they chose the one they liked, bought her and  ate her right there in a restaurant attached to the farm. It was a good family experience, he concluded.

While they were making the tour, they saw the fertilization maneuver on six of those women. They were on the floor, where they could lie or sit. When the conveyor belt brought them the feed, they approached it and ate as long and as much as they wanted, because the belt did not stop while there was even only one of them eating. It would seem that the Centaurs did not want them to lack anything. When the other conveyor belt began to move, they met their needs, which disappeared in a moment. Next to every wall ring there was a shower and plenty of water for good hygiene. They could also drink limitlessly, and they could urinate also in the shower drain. A Centaur entered with a huge syringe, a couple of liters in capacity, which ended in a tube one centimeter in diameter, although it had no needle. At his signal, the six women got into the quadruped position, that is, on their knees and resting their palms on the ground. The Centaur plugged the syringe into their vagina and introduced, one by one, a certain amount of the liquid that was inside, which was human sperm diluted with distilled water. When all six were watered in this manner, they lay face down on the floor, thus remaining for half an hour, at the end of which the procedure was estimated to have ended.

Yiiku had been staring at a woman who was not participating in the ceremony. She was pretty, and although her head was shaved and he had never seen her naked before, he recognized her as one of his regulars. She must have recognized him too, because she looked at him, embarrassed, very red from the shame of seeing him like this, while wondering why he and those two females were not tied to a ring, like her.

«Do you like her?» Xint asked Yiiku. «If you want, I can buy her. But you already know that she will not be yours, but mine, and only until I eat her, give her away or sell her».

«Yes, I do. I’d very much like you to buy her».

Xint spoke to the Centaur who was in charge of the farm, who finally opened the trap that imprisoned that girl's foot, to her amazement.

«Take her hand, Yiiku, and guide her outside. Talk to her. We will follow you in a few minutes. You can leave your seed inside her, because I have actually bought it for that reason, among others».

As the man took his former customer by the hand and led her away, the Centaur locked Shask in a clamp and Xint herself locked Glo in another one. That took them by surprise, and they couldn't say anything, although they were very scared. Xint said nothing to them, and then they both began to cry and pleaded her to release them. Then Xint said something to the Centaur, who left and returned with his loaded tool. He took Shask by the hair and threw her onto the floor, and then he unloaded half the syringe inside her, filling her vagina till some drops of the liquid fell on the floor. Then he left her on the ground and went to Glo to repeat the operation. Xint prevented Shask from getting up by putting one foot on her head, and  other Centaur also did the same to Glo to complete the insemination. Then they ordered the women not to move for half an hour, which they did not dare to do.

At the end of the statutory half-hour period, Xint removed the locks and told them to get up. They were both very sad, they had cried, and they were resigned: apparently their mistress had exchanged them to this man for the girl that Yiiku had chosen. That’s why she sent them away.

But her mistress spoke to them: «You can get up now. I wanted you to try the fate of women, or nearly all of them, except the ones we choose to be our pets. You can be grateful that this is not your destiny because Zack felt affection for you and I then adopted you. Actually, he didn't give me anything: I decided to adopt you when he was about to send you here. Now you know what really happens to the disobedient ones».

«Mistress, I will never disobey you», Shask said heartily.

«Neither will I», said Glo. "Your whims will be always my laws, mistress».

Xint looked at them and smiled as she remembered one of the taboos of that primitive species.

«Kiss each other», she told them.

They looked at her in surprise. They approached each other, and kissed on the cheek.

«No, not like that. Kiss like a mother and a daughter would never kiss. That's my whim», she said looking at Glo with a mischievous smile.

The girl approached her mother and kissed her on the mouth. Shask was stunned, she couldn't explain what was happening, so her daughter said to her: «Help me, mother, as the farm is so much harder», while she opened her mom’s mouth with both her hands so that her own tongue could get inside.

For several minutes Glo's tongue invaded her mother's mouth, who finally understood what was happening, and stroked her girl on the back with her own arms, and ran her hands along her buttocks, while her daughter's stroked the sex through which she had come out into the world just nearly twenty-five years earlier, while their tongues pressed one around the other. Glo understood that her mistress could know whatever they were thinking, and even feeling. That's why she wanted to prove her that she was totally surrendered to her owner.

«Enough already», the Centaur finally said. «If you could break that taboo you can do whatever I command you. Although you, Shask, have doubted a lot. Come closer».

The woman went to her, knowing that it would not be pleasant. The Centaur dwarfed his mouth to the caliber of a needle, piercing her left nipple. Shask endured the pain with stoicism she didn't know she had.

«Does it hurt?» The alien asked.

«Yes, mistress», she said, holding back her tears.

«Well, look at your chest, Shask. You don’t have any damage. It was just a psychological sensation. Your tit is still there. Don't upset me anymore. Learn from your daughter».

«Yes, mistress. I beg your pardon».

Meanwhile, Yiiku had a very interesting chat with his old friend:

«Do you remember me, Andrea?»

«Sure, Álvaro. I never thought that the next time we met we would both be naked».

«Yes, neither did I. I noticed that you felt ashamed. But now we are all naked except the aliens. My mistress has bought you, so they will not hold you here anymore. They were going to fertilize you, but you are no longer a girl from this farm, so they will no longer do it with the syringe. That will be my job. I don't know if you understand me...»

«Yes. I suppose you will enter me. But what for?»

«We humans remain as meat for the pantry of the new masters of Earth. They perpetuate us to eat us, even if it seems horrible to you. But it is even  more horrible what the vegetarians among them wanted: they wanted to kill us definitely. At least we have a function for carnivores. Well, several: we serve them as food, as pets, and also there are also competitions between humans: they kill each other in fighting competitions two by two, for the aliens to bet who will win, and then they eat the loser».

«It is horrible, indeed».

«But we cannot refuse. If we do they can tie us to a trap like the one you had».

«No, my God. Everything before that. If someone has to be killed, I prefer killing or being killed  rather than coming back here. What are those fights like? Have you seen them?»

«I saw them many times on TV. They are on nearly every day. And once my owner took us to see a show in person».

«Oh, what was it like? Were they strong athletes?»

«No, not all of them were so. They were more like ordinary people, like you and me. For me it was a bit shocking, because I knew beforehand the first fighter I saw fight. It is fair to acknowledge that we Hen do not get sick anymore. Centaurs have taken our well-being very seriously so that we serve them well. The ones that are not worth for reproduction, because they are sterile or not very fertile and are not wanted as pets, are regarded as fit only for their pantry directly; but some aliens thought it could be fun to see us fight, and they organized a series of combats, and that pleased them very much, and aroused expectation throughout the planet. As they know about the social and gregarious instinct of us Hen, they created several villages with people willing to fight for their lives, Hun and Hon (that is, females and males), and they allowed them to organize them on their own way, but on the condition that every single Hen as to fight at least once a year except for pregnant women, who would do so as soon as they recovered after giving birth.

»Before each fight a Centaur is appointed as the  provisional owner of each fighter, and when he or she wins, the owner is entitled to the first pieces of the loser's meat. Before they invaded us, I was a commercial. One of my coworkers, René, was there, in the arena that our mistress took us to. I greeted him and he told me a few things before starting his fight. His name was now Musk, which means the black one, alluding to the color of his skin. He faced Ina, the quick one, although she had previously been called Ivonne. She had defeated three women previously, having only been in this for a short time, just a few months because her master was not satisfied with her as a pet, while Musk had defeated fifty women and thirty men, because he has always been in this, ever since he was captured, and therefore could be considered a veteran fighter. The only rule of these struggles is that there are no rules: anything goes except using nothing as a weapon, no stones, no sticks, not even dust, only your own bodies. The procedure was always the same: before the fight begins, each contestant is auctioned among the attending Centaurs to be eaten in case the fight is lost. I am not very much into the money of the aliens, of which I only know its name, rblek, because I have never seen my mistress use it; although sometimes I have thought that it is virtual money. The ten Centaurs who have bid the highest for each contestant sit in the front row, forming a circle in the center of which the fighting animals have to wrestle for their lives. If both are badly injured or die, then the twenty auction winners have a feast. In the event that one of them is in relatively good condition, only those who have won the loser in the auction will have their banquet.

»Musk and Ina were auctioned, and according to my mistress, they gave twice as much for him as for her, since in fact he was a larger animal and therefore would feed them more. Ina was rather thin and short, and had a lot of black hair, something that the most demanding gourmets from beyond the stars disliked, although they also eat it, since they waste nothing. After the auction bets were made, and that gave more interest to the assistants to the slaughter-fight. The two contenders, then, looked at each other briefly and suddenly threw themselves at each other; it would seem that they knew each other from before, but it was only because each one had seen the other's battles, and therefore knew how they could react. After gripping each other for a while, Musk released her and grabbed her hair and lifted the woman upright, making her scream. He flipped her through the air and threw her to the ground, kicking her in the belly several times; but instead of wasting time screaming or defending herself, Ina reached out and grabbed one of his testicles, pulling as hard as she could, which brought the man onto the ground, in a great moan. Once on the ground, she replaced her hands with her teeth and bit down hard, drawing shouts of encouragement from the Centaurs who had bet on her, while the others laughed loudly. Both Musk and the Centaurs had been fooled by the woman's fragile and unimportant appearance, a slim and somewhat awkward girl, not muscular, who in another life had been pretty and modest, but now they saw that she was very skilled with hands and mouth. Musk punched her very hard in the face, which we saw her endure with stoicism. It must have hurt a lot, because we saw an eye swell in seconds. But she still did not let go off her prey, until she managed to detach the testicle from the man, who was rolling on the ground in pain. Then she stood up and threw her trophy at her temporary owner, who swallowed it almost on the fly. Then she walked over to where the man was rolling on the floor and squeezing his crotch, trying to contain the bleeding, and gave him a hard kick to the head that made him lose consciousness. Then she grabbed the rest of the man's reproductive system with her hands, ripped it off with several strong jerks, and took it to her owner while Musk bled to death. The referee, who was a different one for each match, approached, and once he verified the man's death, he raised Ina's arm, declaring her the winner.

»It was the first time she defeated a man, and the referee himself tattooed Musk, her defeated man’s name, on her belly, besides those of Verk, Inka and Norr, the three women she had previously defeated, respectively Cruel, Dense and Freedom. Before the fight she had the three names tattooed between her navel and pubis, but now she had her fourth one on top of Verk's. Poor Musk already had little room left in his body to receive more names of his vanquished fighters, since he had them tattooed even on the soles of his feet.

»Before the Centaurs claimed their piece, it was the right of the victor to inspect the body of the vanquished and to choose a few parts for her mistress, if she deemed it necessary. She approached and inspected him carefully, lifted his leg, and that's when I saw the detail of the names of his vanquished tattooed on the sole of his foot, and she carefully stroked his thigh on the inside. In the meatiest part she took a bite and tore off a piece of it, which she kept in one hand, and then repeated the operation on one of Musk's strong biceps. Then she opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out with her hand, then holding it with her own teeth, she pulled with both her hands with as much strength as she could. The boy had a longer tongue than I thought. She left her two trophies on the vanquished one's chest and, pressing his throat with her sole, she pulled with both her hands really hard,  till she could  pull the man's tongue out, and then, with her three trophies, she went proudly to her mistress, Cells, and presented them to her. She took them from her fighter's hand directly with her mouth and slowly swallowed them, stroking the earthling on the head, like her good little bitch of prey that she was. Then Ina sat next to her provisional owner to watch the rest of the fighting. She was sweaty, but happy. In the old regime, when humans ruled this planet, they would consider her a sadistic murderer, and she would surely be in jail. But now she was a mere survivor.

»Cells made Ina stand up and wrote a certificate of possession on the outer face of her right thigh, taking her as a pet by so doing. Taking full possession of her provisionally owned animal was the right of the provisional owner if she was happy with it. Ina was very happy about it, and knelt before her new owner: her struggles had just ended for her until Cells got tired of her pet. Once another alien had liked her and taken her as a pet, but later he got tired of her and forced her to make up her mind between being a farm beast or a fighter, that is, captivity or freedom, and the poor thing chose the life of a swordless gladiator. But now she had learned the lesson and knew that her life would be much calmer and longer if she behaved well.

»Next came another heavier fighter than Ina, named Gust, the strong one, who would face another girl even more muscular, but colored, Xen, the brave. Aliens were smart at names. They always looked for some characteristic of the person, and they did not care what their pedigree or family was. Perhaps the one who would win among them another day would kill Ina had she not been captured by Ceels... who knows?

»Ina, like all other fighters, watched the bouts very carefully. In her village, as I would later learn from her conversation with Shask, they fought daily, although they were friendly. Sometimes there was an accident, but if someone died, they called the Centaur in charge of the town, who dealt with the corpse, because the Centaurs did not throw or waste anything.

»Gust immediately grabbed Xen by the arms, preventing her from all ability to move. She tried to kick her in the crotch, but when she raised her foot the other fighter turned her and made her hit the ground. When she fell she put a knee on the other one’s chest and tried to punch her in the face, but Xen poked two fingers into Gust’s eyes, making one of them jump out of its socket. While the white girl automatically raised her hands to her face, the black girl rotated and moved away from her, approached from behind, and while Gust was still howling of pain, on her knees, Xen took her enemy's head by the chin and the occiputat the same time and with a quick movement, she twisted her head and broke her neck. The match had been even shorter than the previous one.

»After the referee proclaimed her as the winner, Xen went to her prey and ripped off a piece of gluteus, quite generous, with her teeth, and then turned the vanquished one around and ripped off her tongue, which was apparently an exquisite delicacy for aliens, and also her right cheek. With those trophies and the fallen eye on her hands, covered in Gust’s blood, she went to her owner, and presented them to him, who  devoured them without any regard or inviting others. But this time Xen's provisional owner did not take her as his full possession. Probably he did not think she had fought well.

»At a signal from the referee the ten who had bid for the blonde Gust circled her body, and after several minutes in which only their backs and part of their heads were visible, they stood up and sat outside the circle, that the bidders of the following combat and the owners of the combatants had already formed.There was nothing left of Gust on the arena, but a dark stain, which soon will be clared by the removing sand as the next couple fought to death.

»This time it was two men, and neither of them was athletic. The fight was much longer, since neither knew much of what had to be done. They were rookies, and would not last long, although one of them would repeat the feat another day. Finally the least emaciated of them defeated the other, hitting his neck from behind, knocking him out. He did not know how to finish him artistically, so he covered his nose and mouth at the same time, so that after several minutes of contorting himself, the unfortunate man died. The winner did not take anything for his master, so the latter approached the corpse and bit him on the chest, removing the heart and eating it right there, in full view. The Centaurs liked it because the vanquished was not spoiled and they could eat other parts that they liked better. Then it was two girls who fought, and then several mixed couples, until there were no more fighters left without acting.

»By the end of the twenty fights of the day, the number of participants had been cut in half. Ina hadn't been very lucky, after all, because the man she shared the nights with had fallen, as well as two of her friends, Gust and Indr. Her village had lost the battle, even though she had won. Of the twenty fights only five had won, and those of the town of Musk had won the other fifteen, and so Musk’s town had been declared the winner of the afternoon.

»As you can understand, neither my friends nor I enjoyed that session of man-eating and murder, but the Centaurs regard it in a different way, because they belong to another species, as we belong to a different one from fighting cocks or bulls, or the foxes that were hunted for sport. Yes, if you put yourself in their place, you can understand it from that point of view, although it is not funny at all for you, since our role is not the executioner’s, but the victim’s. At the beginning of the first fight I thought that poor Ina was going to lose, since the Centaurs do not take into account the weight or age of the combatants to organize the combats, but they think that the greater the corpulence, the more skill can be met from the other wrestler, as it happened in our bullfights, in which a fighter weighing seventy kilos opposes a bull of five hundred. And this is all I know about this unpleasant sport, from which I hope we are all away for the rest of our lives».

«Yes, it does look horrible. But, as I told you earlier, I prefer that to going back to a farm. You get depressed in there, without knowing if it is day or night, without talking to anyone, without having anything to do, being so active a person as I am».

«Well, now you are my mistress’ little bitch, like these two who came with me, and I am but a dog myself, in fact her puppy. She has me as a stud, and from time to timesome of her friends bring one or more of their female slaves so that I can ride them and leave my seed inside them, as we did in former times with horses or cows».

«And doesn't this outrage you?»

«We slaves do not have dignity..., by the way, Andrea, our mistress told me that I must give you a name».

«Oh really? And how are you naming me? I really like Andrea. Will you keep it?»

«No. She named me Yiiku. I think the proper thing is that I name you Yeka. You've got to understand that your slave name must be a differente one from your old one. See that I was Álvaro, but now I am Yiiku».

«Ok», she said a bit sad. «Yeka. What does that mean?»

«Yeka is the feminine of Yiiku. In the language of the Centaurs, it means powerful. You will also be powerful. I remember your dense bush of intense black hair. I liked it. It will come out again, although we will remove all the hair that is not on your head or your  eyebrows. You’ll have to get used to it».

«Well, we don't have much hair here, because they shave us instead of waxing us».

«No, pubic hair is not an obstacle to giving birth. But for the contemplation of our bodies, alone or when we are playing, is something our masters do not like very much».

«I'm not very pretty now, I know that. I hope to be soon for you».

«Ugh, don't fall in love, Yeka. And lie on your back. The mistress told me to fertilize you, and I'm going to do it now».


«Lie down», he said, helping her to do it. She let him do. He lay down on her, and took her in the missionary position. She spread her legs and placed them around the man's hips. She enjoyed that moment of pleasure that she thought she would never have again.

After their orgasm, they continued to lie on the floor, side by side, and began to speak.

«How did they catch you, Yeka?»

«It was at the hairdresser’s. Suddenly one of those horrible beings appeared and said, Come with me. And we all got up and went after him, as if we were the rats and he was the Pied Piper of Hamelin. He took us to a square where there were many buses. He took us up to one of them and brought us here. In addition to us there were other women already on the bus. Upon arrival they told us to get naked, and throw all our clothes into a bonfire they had made. Then they shaved our heads, which we accepted without question. I still wonder how they managed to».

«They are telepaths and control the minds of others. We are not opposition to them. They can make us do whatever they want».

«Well, they tied us to the rings that you have seen, and they have been feeding us with that food that tastes so bad, but that feeds us well, because those who were too obese now are well, and those who were scrawny now have also caught weight. We do nothing except eating and sleeping. Well, and our bodily functions, that is. I have thought a lot in these three years, Yiiku, and the truth is that here we have everything for free, what we always wanted and what we fought for every day: a safe roof and food, and in that sense we lack nothing. I have not seen any sick woman either, which is strange, considering that we all are naked day and night».

«Yes, I suppose it's because of the food. But, well, you don't know what awaits you».

«No, we don’t know. Every now and then they give us an injection with those syringes. I suppose they want to impregnate us».

«You suppose well».

«Then, when we give birth, the babies are taken away after two or three days and we don't see them again. I wonder what they do with them».

«The main objective is for you to produce milk, because these people really like it. With the milk of one of you a Centaur can live perfectly, as it appears that it is his a well balanced and sufficient diet. My mistress says that is why she has two females: one for her, and the other for her guests. She milks them three times every day, and the milk she doesn't drink is kept in her fridge».

«But I saw a Centaur eat a whole person».

«Yes, that may happen, though not often. But then he or she swells physically. Their size grows like a baloon. And after that they have to lie down, just like bears do, till they finish densify and then sinthesize all the material they took. But usually they have enough with a human milk doze every few hours».

«And what about the children? Don't they get any milk?»

«Yes. But they are given to other new moms. Didn't they bring any to you?»

«No, the truth is that I have not seen babies around here».

«They may be taken to another farm. The idea is that none of you raise your own cub. Normally they take away your baby and give you another one to feed, but they will change it in a short time. They never leave it with you more than ten days. It is important to them that humans do not establish links of affection».

«Why did your owner buy me?»

«Because I asked her to».

«And why did you do that?»

«Because I always liked you. When I saw you the first time I thought that fucking with you would be delicious, and I just verified that, yes, it was. So when I saw you, I couldn’t keep my eyes away from you you. My mistress is very observant, and she bought you on the condition that I keep in mind that you are not mine, but hers, and that you will be with me only as long as she decides. She also told me that she may ever decide in future to eat you or give you away. Or it may bring you back to one of these farms. It is in your hands to ensure that this does not come to her mind».


«Make yourself unique to her, irreplaceable. Make her want to keep you».

«I'll try. I suppose that will not have a sexual component».

«No, unfortunately not. If it had it would be easier for you to display your seduction skills».

«Well, you will fuck me in the name of your mistress».

«From our mistress, Yeka: she has also bought you. And yes, I will water you every day, until you become pregnant. But the second child you have will be from another man, surely».

«What? Won't she pair me with you?»

«She says it is not good for us to fall in love, and I think she is right. How many times have you given birth?»


«And you will never know who the fathers were. Now you will already know, although basically it will not matter. Well, we will have your third in a few months, and then they will take you to another man, or they will bring him to take you before me, surely. I want you to know that it won't bother me, and it shouldn't bother you either».

«Why not? What you are saying is horrible».

«More than this farm?»

«No, more horrible than this there is nothing».

«Well, remember this farm every time you think about not doing what Xint wants you to do. You will fuck when it comes to her mind, and with whom she tells you. Otherwise, back to the farm».

«Okay, you've convinced me».

«After Shask gave birth to our twins in their first birth from my seed, a very tall Negro came from Africa, and my mistress had the whim that I must hold her wrists while he took her the first few times, so she could see how submissive we were to her. Shask and I looked at each other smiling, because we both knew that was the best. Een if we did not know yet that these farms existed».

«I get it».

«Anyway, you were going to give birth here too. Twenty times, from what I've been told. Then they’d kill you and serve you as food, although that can be anticipated if a Centaur comes here and asks you for dinner».

«Make love to me, Yiiku, make it to me again, I want to forget all this».

He took her face in his hands, and kissed her deeply. Then he spread her legs and took her up. She put her feet up and curled around her man's abdomen, and began to moan, totally surrendered.

«Wow, I see you don't waste your time», Xint said suddenly. They turned, and saw the alien with the two slaves, all three smiling.

«Yes, mistress. I was obeying you».

«Well, keep on obeying me, then».

And they three sat on the ground around them. They resumed the activity, which ended with a cry of pleasure from the two animals in heat.

«Mistress, this is Yeka, your new slave», said Yiiku right after they finished.

«Mistress», said the female, kneeling down, «I am your new slave, Yeka. It will be my pleasure to serve you».

Xint explored her mind, and did not like what she saw. There was a lot of passivity there. She went to the other two females, and saw a bunch of opposing images, but all moving. But in Yeka's she saw neither love nor hate, but only an acceptance. This girl was very afraid of the farm. Maybe it was only because she felt free from it and didn't want to go back anymore. But hey, maybe it would do.

«Come closer», she said. I'm going to test you».

She circled her slowly, taking steps around her. She bit one of her breasts, then her belly, and finally put both hands along her right thigh and pinched it. Her fingers were very strong. Then she applied her mouth and wrote a series of characters along her thigh, from hip to ankle.

«Look», she said, «I've written on you a certificate of ownership, like the ones these three have. It says here that Yeka is owned by Xint. When someone asks your name, you have to say Xinti Yeka. Repeat it».

«Xinti Yeka».

«Do not forget».

Yeka looked at her thigh, and saw that a bottle-green ink tattoo was indeed running from top to bottom.

«I like the tattoo, mistress. I will wear it always with pride».

Xint smiled. This Yiiku had convinced her, making taming totally unnecessary.

«You know you will have several children of mine, right?»

«Yes, mistress. Yiiku explained everything to me: I am yours, and what I have will always be yours. You decide for me from now on forever. It will be a pleasure to serve you».

«I see you understand». Then, addressing the other three, she added: «Most likely, in a few months the three of you females will have another baby, although only Yeka's will be Yiiku's. As you can see, the visit has been very fruitful. Even you two have got a souvernir inside».

Then she looked directly at Shask and added:

«It will be the first time you don't know who the father is. Does that worry you?»

«No, mistress», the two women said in unison.

They're good bitches, Xint told himself. I think I will keep them forever. They can teach their trade to new ones I bring.

Before getting up, she gave him one last order:

«Yiiku, it is appropriate to reciprocate. I have told my friend Ursk, the manager of this farm, that my pet would fertilize as many of his prisoners as you could. Go. We’ll wait for you talking about girls stuff».

Yiiku re-entered that hut where there were fifty women. Ursk gave him some food that tasted different. When he finished he was very tired, thinking that there was something strange in that fodder, since he had resisted several hours doing his job, and now he only wanted to lie on the floor and rest.

The women were talking to their mistress, animatedly, although in fact Xint was silent, listening, while the other three spoke to each other almost non-stop. When they saw him, his mistress got up and so did the others at a sign from her. And then a strange wheelless vehicle came along, hovering two meters above the ground, carrying them back to Xint's house.

As she had told them, that day was fruitful: after seven months Shask had a mulatto, Glo had a boy with Asian features, and Yeka, who already had deep black hair that reached her shoulders, had her third son, the first outside that meat farm.

17 Shask’s death. Esperanto Español

And it came a day when she woke up and did not find her beloved Yiiku beside her. She thought he would be with Glo, but she was not there, either. Worried, she asked Xint who reported she had given them to Zack, and she would see them only as visitors. In fact she would never meet them again, as we’ll see later.

Shask felt very bad, even though Xint brought her Step, a very young black boy from the old United States who made her several mulattoes, if one after another. However, Shask was not happy, and each year her owner caused her to have a pregnancy with a different man each time, two of them from her old husband, who found her very old. The encounter was not what she had thought because he was actually a stranger who had been with hundreds of other women, and she had been with dozens of other men from whom she had had as many children, and for that reason both had been changing little by little until that there was nothing left of the marriage they remembered. Yes, the aliens had irrevocably divorced them. That was a great disappointment for the two of them, who already stopped thinking about their former spouse.

However, or perhaps because of that, she yearned for Yiiku, whom she would never see again. Centa also left her when she died in childbirth due to an illness she contracted in the last month of pregnancy. The child was saved, but not the mother. So they had to incinerate her. It was rare, as the Centaurs had killed off any disease on the planet, but every now and then a rare new disease would appear and by the time the aliens had controlled it there had been several casualties, as in Thenta's case.

Xint never parted with Shask, despite the other slaves coming and going. She had grown fond of her as she confessed to her once. She would make her come home many times, and she would spend hours talking to her, and petting her like her puppy. Centaurs have no body hair, which is why Shask seemed to her such very beautiful animal, since she had so little hair. In fact she shaved her once, and she always had her without even the little fuzz she ever had in her pubis.

For this reason, in the name of her affection, Shask dared to ask her owner to be drunk, because she did not want to end up like Centa. She was sure that she would still be alive in her mistress, now that she could no longer give her more children, since she had no menstruation for over a year. And she wanted to suffer the same fate as many of the 26 children of hers Xint had drunk.

«I did not drink so many, Shask: I have exchanged or given away most of them. But I am moved by your request. I will drink you, yes, but little by little, and you will not suffer at all».

She kissed her on the mouth, stroked her, and imagined what it would be like making love with a human. But she felt nothing special, only affection.

«I will miss you, Shask. You are asking me for the maximum punishment that you have feared all your life. Why?»

«My mistress, I want to be a part of you». I want to be inside you, even briefly. My life has been very long, and I have suffered many things. Adapting to be yours cost me a lot, and now I enjoy being so. But I think I'm missing something. Drink me, and let me be one thing with you».

Xint did not let her eat anything for three days, though she could have water. When the moment came, the alien took Shask’s hand in hers: five fingers surrounded by seven longer ones. She took her to her bedroom, where no slave had ever entered. There she laid her on her bed on her back, and gently bit her at the navel. She emptied her belly first, under the smile of the slave, who felt no pain, but an immense pleasure. She was sipping her little by little for hours, instead of minutes, to take the whole of Shask into her own body. Xint very much enjoyed that meal which was offered to her voluntarily as the last offering, and Shask slipped his devourer into the whole with a smile on her lips. The last thing she thought was the first time Yiiku made love to her in the barn.

The Centaur had to be sleeping for several days in order to assimilate all the food she had taken. Then, once the matter extracted from Shask had condensed, she got up, did some physical exercise, went for a long walk, and returned to normal. As she walked she was aware that now she had not only Shask's matter inside her body, but now she understood her way of thinking, her thoughts, her feelings, even her personality. Yes, the Earthling was right: now they were only one thing. But she did not tell that part to Yiiku, of course:

«Now you know what happened to Shask, your dear companion in captivity, Yiiku», she told him when Zack returned them to her.

He had had them playing at his house for several years, had them have several children with each other and with other partners, and then he considered sending them to a farm, or eating them, but he remembered that he had promised that honor to his friend Xint, years ago, so he gave them back.

«But don't be sorry», she continued. «It usually happens with your species: the relationship of dependence of the slave towards his master increases, to the point that love becomes devotion, and the moment comes when he yearns to give his life for his master, as it happened to Shask. And I think the same thing will happen to you. After all, I'm not such a bad mistress, am I?»

«Of course not, Mistress. You care about us, and you actually give us more than we ever had. With you one always feels at ease. Also, you don't put us to work».

«We Centaurs have machines for that. You are for our leisure, and  you also enjoy the process».

18 The 2nd End. Esperanto Español

If you didn’t like this end of the story, you can forget the previous chapter and go to A peculiar visit and from there to Soft Down.

19 Soft dawn Esperanto Español

And then something very unpleasant happened to Yiiku: he fell fast asleep and woke up after several hours in a different place. He woke up with difficult, feeling a strange torpor. He also heard the ticking of an alarm clock.

«Glo», he managed to say, «are you awake? What's that noise?»

«Alvaro! You are awake!»

He widened his eyes, and what he saw in front of him he couldn't believe: there was the blondie with gray eyes, the woman he had dreamed of two or three times, so long ago..., so much that he did not even remember. Was he having that nightmare again?

The blondie was very happy and called a doctor, who came to their home even though it was four o'clock in the morning.

The doctor explained what had happened: he had had a serious accident with the car. They feared that he would be quadriplegic, then it was very difficult to understand  what he said, if at all. He had been in the hospital for a year, until he had been allowed to go home to die in peace. But he did not die, and then they decided to feed him through a tube they managed to set into his esophagus until he was able to automatically sip up whatever was put through a straw. They found that his brain activity was very high, much more than if he were awake. What was he thinking about, what was he dreaming about?

«Well, I dreamed that the world had been invaded by aliens. Has it not been so?»

«No, darling, no, don't worry», Amparo told him.

«How long have I been in a coma in total?»

«Five years».

«Ugh... I've spent five years on another planet. Or on another plane. It was awful».

«My poor thing».

«And am I all right, doctor?»

«Tomorrow you will have to come to the hospital for some tests, but I would say you are».

The next day he went to the hospital to see the doctor. As he turned a corner, he hit a person he didn't expect to see:


«Sorry sir. How do you say? I am Cindy. Do you know me?» She replied, blushing, because she did know who he was.

Yes, because right there, in front of him there was his supposed mistress, though in real life she was the nurse who had cared for him for over a year. Now she said her name was Cindy and she had no trumpet, she didn't suck people, she didn't suck even sperm or human milk. And she had great teeth. In his delirium he had seen space suits when they had only put on masks so as not to infect him with any bacteria. And the green Martians were civil guards, the ones who had saved his life. And the white Martians were nurses and doctors in their work uniforms, as were those in the operating room, the other green Martians.

Cindy was very nice, a 23-year-old nurse recently graduated from university, and she was very excited to do her job well.

«I dreamed you were jerking me off. But that didn't happen, did it?»

«I saw you as helpless, like a baby, and with that erection...»

«Did you fellate me?»

«Twice. But don't tell anyone. They could give me the sack».

«Oh, don't worry. Although you could do it more times, if you wish», said Álvaro as if he were telling her a joke. «Do you know? I have dreamed of you. And a lot».

She couldn't believe it. Álvaro told her about his dream. It was too detailed to have been a dream..., but it seemed crazy.

«I finish at four», she said. «If you want to talk, we can have coffee, and tell me everything about it..., and...,  who knows where this can take us?»

She was obviously attracted to him. She didn't think he used what he confessed to make her go out with him, but she was really fond of him. And finally their relationship held on. And not only that, but they made love, and in time Cindy, the supposed Martian, the Xint of his dreams, gave birth to a daughter from him. When he saw her in her cradle, he finally stopped believing that it had all been real. However, he named her Shask. Amparo had twins, whom he named Vicenta and Gloria.

«Do you know something, Cindy?», he said in front of his newborn daughter: «I already loved you the first time we met. I fell in love with you in that dream. Those two caresses that you made me moved by pity nailed you into my heart. You were the most beautiful thing in the dream, even if you had a trumpet and were a Centaur, that is, a female of another species from the stars, a Martian from another planet. But little by little I learned to love you in that fable that I made up in the madness that that coma caused me».

She smiled and kissed his hand.

But he did not divorce from Amparo. Neither did he stop visiting his Martian and daughter often. Amparo never knew about Cindy, and he was a good father. To both families.

20 The 3rd End. Esperanto Español

This is the final End. I hope you liked this story, which arises the problems due to the little care we take for our planet, despite the fact that it meets extraordinary conditions for the development of life, and precisely because of this, it can awaken the greed of other intelligent beings whose planet is in danger of extinction. We keep warned...

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