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The Book of the Year. This year we are reading Forever Young.

Since 2016 I publish one of my books in this web, in my three languages, English, Spanish and Esperanto.

You can find the full list of my books in my page.

The books in the following list are those which I have already shared with you to read them for free on this page. Only the last one can be read for free, but you can still read them from Amazon for a small price:

  1. A children's Tale, or The Soldier and the Witch: It has two parts: one for children and a second one for adults. I wrote the book to commemorate the Internation Children's Day in 2012.
  2. The Taliban's Sin: a rigorous believer promotes a stoning and then he is sorry for the rest of his life. However, God has pity on him and gives him the chance to correct that..., for a price, of course.
  3. Amen: A fantasy on what there is after death.
  4. The Psychologist: The main character meets a peculiar woman nobody else can see. He thinks he went mad, so he visits the best psychologist in town, who surprises him in different ways. I wrote this tale in february 2015 originally in English, and then I translated it into Spanish and Esperanto, the version of which can be read in full here; whereas the English version is available in Amazon for a small price.
  5. Grandpa & I: I conceived this story's main idea when my grandson was born, and that's why I dedicated it to him. However, there is no biographic trait in it. It is a very short book, scarcely 40 pages, and the plot is about literature as a bridge joning both grandfather and grandson. In my readers' opinion it is a funny tale, and nobody has complained for the time used to read it. As my other stories, you can read it in full for free in its Esperanto version. I published here in August, 15th 2016, and there is full copy in Amazon, which you can buy for a cup of coffee.
  6. The Year I W as a Woman. An old man is turned into a young woman. It is my first novel originally written in English. But you can read it in Spanish and Esperanto, too. And in English you can still read here.
  7. The Chronist, or The Time Masters (2017): a retired teacher decides to tour the world. In Chennai (AKA Maddras), the Indian Union, he meets a most peculiar girl: a time traveller who tells him about her world. For over 400 pages we share Indalecio and Vanessa's adventures in the past and the future, till we finally atest the transgression fo the matter, which gives a name to the trilogy: Transgression, the first volume of which is this one, being followed by Tricrony and Outlanded in which the main roles are inverted. I am still in the process to publish it in Amazon.
  8. The Book on the Angelic Chronicles and the Demon Anecdotes (2018): Twenty-one tales with angels or demons adopting roles of different importance. Three of them are not mine, but by three friends of mine: Anne Lake, Gema Gimeno and Jack Crane. This was the 2018 Book of the Year, but you can still read it.
  9. The Federation (2019). A history of future from an unusual point of view. In 2019 I published two Books of the Year, this and the following one.
  10. Oumou, the Ebony Haetera (2019): A little girl escapes from her dire future to fall into a less dire one. It is the  2019 second Book of the Year. You can find it here.
  11. When Martians Conquered Earth (2020): A man wakes up from a comma and finds that his world has new owners. Along the book we witness his adventures and misadventures right to the three ends the book has, so that you can choose the one you like most. It will soon be in Amazon for full reading for a small price. Please, notice that it is no longer available for free reading, though you can find it in Amazon.
  12. The Island (2021): a group of sea travellers find shelter in a forgotten island when their cruisier wrecks in their voyage around the world. Their lives change forever. This book tells on the change for every one of them, and takes us to an unexpected end.
  13. Unconventional Tales (2022): fifteen tales of the unexpected. To be found soon in Amazon.
  14. The 7 lives of Jesus (2023): Not a religious, not an authobiogrphy. Everybody lives a single life, but Jesus lived seven of them. It is the first novel I publish in the current year.
  15. Forever Young: Many people have dreamt of never dying. This is the story of a man who succeeded not dying.